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The park Loga[править]

The park "Loga"

The park Loga is a landscape park in the khutor of Staraya Stanitsa, Rostov Oblast.


It got its name for the Logovaya beam, in the floodplain of which it is located. The park "Loga" is a unique project which was not in the Rostov Oblast before. It is in the khutor of Staraya Stanitsa, Kamensk-Shakhtinsky. In 2011 this place was transformed due to the local entrepreneur Sergey Alexandrovich Kushnarenko who created this project. It's hard to imagine that 6 years ago there was a dump on the site of the park.

The founder of the park[править]

Sergey Alexandrovich Kushnarenko (born in 05.09.1960-...)

Sergey Alexandrovich Kushnarenko is the founder of the Prestige enterprise in the khutor of Staraya Stanitsa. He is an individual entrepreneur, a talented leader, a patron of arts, the initiator of a number of projects realized by him: the park "Loga" of Staraya Stanitsa, the Orthodox complex, the stela “Staraya Stanitsa”, the sculptural composition “Cossack man and Cossack woman” at the entrance to Staraya Stanitsa and others. In 2013 he was awarded by the medal "For Valiant Labour for the Benefit of the Don Territory" and the award cross "For merits to the Cossacks of Russia". He was given the title "Honorary Citizen of the Kamensk District" in 2016. Two consecutive terms Sergei Alexandrovich Kushnarenko was an elected deputy of the Assembly of Deputies of the Kamensk district.


The park is designed in accordance with the following principles of building a landscape park:

1. Free planning

2. Use of natural landscapes

3. All elements of the park are subordinated to integrity


stone garden

On the place of the former farm dump now you can see the most beautiful landscapes, channels, water-mills, a garden of stones, constructions built in the Russian style. Children and adults here are waiting for a mini-zoo, a mirror labyrinth, a well-equipped playground and numerous sculptural groups of animals, birds and fairy-tale characters. Here everyone can come and mark a birthday or other event: tables, benches and barbecues are at the disposal of guests in any of arbors. Wedding walks are frequent here as well. In recent years the mini-zoo in the «Loga» has increased. Exotic mountain hoofed animals and also various birds in spacious and convenient open-air cages — peacocks, parrots, guinea fowls, turkey-cocks, decorative hens and others were added to deer and swans.

Development stages[править]



From 2011 till 2012 works on cleaning of garbage of the Logovaya beam were carried out, the marking of paths, beds, water channels began. In 2012 there was an opening of the part of the park, but the work was carried out and is ongoing to this day. In 2012 the playground, the izba of Baba Yaga near which there is a Baba Yaga and Koschei the Deathless were built in the park. The figures of dwarves were settled on the playground. The first pond over which "Cat-Fisherman" sits was dug.

The sculptures of Buratino and Turtle Tortilla

In 2013 the sculptures of Buratino and Turtle Tortilla were placed, there was a water wheel with the bridge, animal sculptures, the garden expanded both in width and depth into the Logovaya beam. There were waterfalls which were designed by the owner of the park. For the rest of the visitors wooden tables and benches, barbecues and garbage bins were installed. At the entrance to the park the sculptures of the Cossack man and the Cossack woman meeting each visitor with bread and salt were set.


In 2014 the design of the park continued. The formation of a mini-zoo began. The first who settled there were peacocks, ducks and swans.

In 2015 the opening of "Through the Looking Glass" took place. The Chinese carps were launched in the water basins. The musical fountain was opened near the 7D cinema. The train for small passengers began to run around the park. The construction of the church began. Near the park the horse-racing club "Pegasus" was opened.

The musical fountain


The clock tower appears from which an imperial figure comes out every hour and beats the bells.

the statue of the Saint at the temple

The accomplishment of the church is being completed, the hotel and wooden houses for tourists are being built.

2017- …[править]

Further improvement of the park is planned. It is expected to open the fish restaurant and the hotel. The work on mosaic illumination of the corners of the park has begun.

Travel and contacts[править]

travel to the Park from the highway m-4

Restaurant Teterev

Phone for booking 8-938-100-32-22.

Opening hours: 12:00 to 24:00.

Snack bar "Lukomorye".

Working hours: Mon-Fri from 11:00 to 21:00, Sat-Sun from 10:00 to 21:00.

You can drive to the park by hammering in the navigator 48 ° 21'6 "N, 40 ° 17'42" E

48.351546, 40.294911 (or Bolshevistskaya Street, 30, the khutor of Staraya Stanitsa, Kamensk District, Rostov Oblast)

The horse-racing club "Pegasus"

Tel. +7 (928) 150-86-09 Coordinates: 48 ° 21'1 "N 40 ° 17'55" E

Events of interest[править]

fun festivities at Shrovetide

Maslenitsa (Shrovetide) in the park «Loga». In the park «Loga» every year Maslenitsa is held with merry parties, a fair of folk craftsmen, folklore theater performance, contests and competitions, a dance around the Maslenitsa, the conquest of the post with surprises, the traditional incineration of a stuffed man. You can taste hot pancakes and other goodies, buy goods exhibited at the fair.

Weddings, corporate parties, class reunions, anniversaries and birthdays are held.

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