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Wiki-Conference 2019
Moscow, September 28-29

Group photo from Wiki-Conference 2019, author Dmitry Rozhkov, CC BY-SA 4.0 license

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The conference will take place on 28-29 October 2019 in Moscow at the Nekrasov Library.

Nekrasov Library[править]

Nekrasov Library Building

Nekrasov Library is one of the largest libraries in Russia (over 2 million items). The library is founded around private collections in 1919 as an organizing and managing center for all libraries of Moscow. Today it is the principle librarian methodology center for public mass libraries of the capital, responsible for resource and information support to public libraries around the city. It publishes «Moscow Library Newsletter», has own TV-studio, supports «BiblioCity» internet portal.

58/25 @ Baumanskaya Street, bldg 14; Baumanskaya metro station.
How to get there
  • On foot (700 meters, 9 minutes). Once out of the metro, head southward along Baumanskaya street, then take right at Denisovskij pereulok.
  • By public transport from «Baumanskaya» metro station (7 minutes, excluding waiting). Bus 425, trams 37, 45, 50 & Б. You only ride two stops to «Denisovskij pereulok — Biblioteka imeni Nekrasova» (the one after «Aptekarskij pereulok»).
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Moscowis the largest city in Russia and its capital, founded in 1147. It is the most inhabited city which is fully in Europe, in top-10 most populous cities of the world (12.6 mln people).

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