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Dagestan Wiki-seminar 2017
                     Derbent, 1—3 September 2017.

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On 1-3 September 2017 the city of Derbent, most ancient currently inhabited settlement in the Russian Federation, is to host a regional Wiki-seminar bringing together community representatives of small Wikipedias in the languages of Russia. Derbent is a multi-ethnic environment, home to Lezgins, Azerbaidjanis, Tabasarans, Dargins, Russians as well as representatives of other peoples, indigenous or migrant.

Seminar in Dagestan is meant to increase prestige and awareness of Wikipedias in the languages of the peoples of Russia, as well as promote attracting new contributors thereto. Special focus will be on developing Wikipedias in the languages of Dagestan (Lezgin, Avar, Lak, Chechen Wikipedias), colleagues from other language editions sharing their applicable best practices. The conference will have speakers from different language editions, representatives from «Wikimedia RU» NP, philologists, linguists, teachers & recognized local community activists.

Date & Venue


Seminar will take place on 1—3 September 2017 (Friday through Sunday) in Derbent.



The Event is open for anyone, registration is now open.



The event is co-organized by «Wikimedia RU» NP & «Derbent» Foundation, with the support of Federal Lezgin Ethno-Cultural Autonomy. Information sponsor — «Derbent» Regional Information Agency (RIA «Derbent»), which is ready to provide its equipped press-center.

Organization committee

  • Vladimir Medeyko (chairperson)
  • Oleg Abarnikov

Questions & proposals


Any questions can be made or clarifications requested at event discussion page.