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WikiGap 2019 International Project[править]

On the 8th of March, which is International Women's Day, Embassy of Sweden in Russia jointly with Wikimedia RU are launching WikiGap Russia project – an article creation marathon in the Russian-language section of Wikipedia about renowned women of different professions. The marathon is taking place in the framework of the global WikiGap campaign bringing together Wikipedia participants from various countries, which was initiated by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden in partnership with Swedish chapter of Wikimedia movement.

Wikipedia is the largest user-generated online encyclopedia in the world. However the website has a gender gap between men and women, just like in the human society overall.

90% of Wikipedia contributors are men. On top of that, there are 4 times more biographic articles about men than women. Figures may vary in various regions or countries, but the overall picture is the same everywhere in the world – information about women is less well developed no matter what language version of Wikipedia you are reading. We are running WikiGap project second year in a row to decrease the gap by filling Wikipedias in various languages by articles about renowned women and bring attention to the issue.

Anyone who lives in Russia and has Internet access can take part in WikiGap Russia project. Upon completion of the marathon, our expert jury will assess Top-10 Internet marathon participants by points who will receive prizes from Swedish Urbanears – wireless acoustic loudspeaker Stammen (1 place) and classical wireless earphones Plattan 2 Bluetooth (2nd through 10th places).

The Marathon is taking place second year in a row. Last year WikiGap project was implemented in 54 countries. Project participants have written over 13 000 articles about women in 30 different languages, which generated together over 57 million pageviews. WikiGap 2018 Russia contest received over 500 articles.

Embassador of Sweden to Russia Mr. Peter Ericson:

«Sweden is the first country in the world with gender equality directed feminist foreign policy. Highlighting gender inequality using Wikipedia - a global resource used daily by millions of people around the world - is very important possibility for us. Thanks to WikiGap project, we can improve representation of women by increasing the number of articles about them in different language Wikipedia versions».

WikiGap 2019 in Russia

WikiGap-2019 internet marathon is a thematic article writing contest dedicated to women-related topics in Wikipedia's Russian-language version.

Principle goals and objectives of the Marathon

  • Writing bibliographic encyclopedic articles about women;
  • Wikipedia Outreach to new authors;


The contest in Russia is being co-organized by «Wikimedia RU» Non-profit Partnership[1] and the Swedish Embassy in Moscow.

«Wikimedia RU» Non-Profit Partnership Embassy of Sweden to the Russian Federation


  • Marathon starts on the 8th of March 2019 @ 00:01 CET (7th March 23:01 UTC, 8th March 02:01 am MSK)
  • Marathon finishes on the 8th of April 2019 @ 23:59 CEST (8th April 21:59 UTC, 9th of April @ 0:59 am MSK)
  • Drawing the Marathon results — through the 30th of April (inclusive).


Top-10 Internet marathon participants by points will receive prizes from Swedish Urbanears – wireless acoustic loudspeaker Stammen (1 place) and classical wireless earphones Plattan 2 Bluetooth (2nd through 10th places).


  • The contest is open to any register user, irrespective of the registration date. Prizes can only be issued to the residents of the Russian Federation.
  • Each contestant's contribution is done through one username only.
  • Contest article must be in the Russian language & created within the period from the 8th of March through the 8th of April 2019 (inclusive).
  • Both quality and quantity of articles, created by the Marathon participant will be assessed. Quality is understood as the volume and reasonable degree of illustration, depth of description, degree of support by reliable sources & formatting.
  • Each article, meeting requirements, contestant will obtain 1 point. The jury might award one or two supplemental points for the volume and quality (writing style, formatting, illustration, etc.).
  • New articles about persons, already described in Swedish-language Wikipedia, get double points, i.e. contestant can receive from 2 to 6 points for such an article.
  • One can use thematic list of articles for creation.

Marathon participants[править]

Contestants are adding articles they created into the Table below. Only articles in the Table and respective participants are considered for awarding. The article must be included into the Table within 24 hours of creation, but no later than conclusion of the Marathon.

Feel free to add t:WikiGap 2019 Marathon Article template at the newly created article talkpage.

Contest articles[править]

  • Columns «Points», «Supplemental points» and «Total» are filled by the jury members. Contestants are responsible for the rest.

Таблица / Table[править]

Jury members do not have claims for Marathon prizes. Their possible participation is solely to show the example & provide moral support to the contestants.

Prize fund[править]

The prize fund is provided by the Swedish Embassy in Moscow.

The list of winners will be published at the Contest page no later than on the 30th of April 2019.

Notification and awarding of the winners[править]

Winners will be notified by wiki-mail. To receive prizes, the winners will need to set up wiki-mail to accept emails and promptly (within a week after drawing conclusions) provide the postal address for delivery of the prize.


  1. «Wikimedia RU» NP is not receiving any financial or other funds from Swedish Embassy in Moscow, Swedish Foreign Ministry, Wikimedia Sverige or any other foreign organizations or individuals. Prizes will be passed on to the winners directly from Swedish Embassy in Moscow without mediation of «Wikimedia RU» NP.