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Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.

Our goal is to reach this.

We are participants of Wikimedia movement which grew around Wikipedia — the free Internet encyclopedia.

Key people in our movement are volunteers, creating articles in Wikipedia and other Wiki-projects aimed at providing universal free access to knowledge. You can join these authors, even without registering a Username! It's enough to click «Edit» link on any Wikipedia page you want to improve.

On top of this, there is also a network of organizations that provide for operation of Wikimedia projects and help volunteers in their mission. The largest and most important one of these is Wikimedia Foundation Inc. - it was first to be established and is responsible for functioning of most servers hosting Wikimedia projects.

Wikimedia Foundation Inc. runs an annual campaign to collect donations from around the world which are then distributed among organizations supporting Wikimedia projects.

Russia's regional organization supporting development of Wikimedia projects is an independent Russian entity «Wikimedia RU» Non-Profit Partnership. It initiates and conducts Wikipedia article creation and media uploading contests, organizes conferences and seminars, promotes Wikimedia projects and free knowledge in general, advances improvement of legislation in the aspects related to Wikimedia projects. This organization is unable to receive money from abroad and thus depends exclusively on the funds from inside Russia. Thank you for your support!

Wikimedia Foundation Inc., which is registered in the USA., does not accept money from the Russian Federation. But you can still help.

Firstly, you can become one of the authors in Wikimedia projects. Secondly, you can help «Wikimedia RU» Non-Profit Partnership in its activities.