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Languages: [[::Памятка по подготовке пресс-релиза|русский]]
  • A press-release must be prepared at least a week before the event.
  • If the event allows for preparing the press-release in public, its draft should be developed at ru.wikimedia.org pages and announced viat Wikimedia-RU@lists.wikimedia.org mailing list.
  • If the nature of the event makes public preparation of the press-release inappropriate, then it should be developed using drive.google.com and access thereto should be provided to at least Stanislav Kozlovskij, Aleksandr Krasotkin, Anastasia Lvova, Vladimir Medeyko and Dmitrij Rozhkov.
  • A press-release should have at least one illustration.
  • Formal description of the main phenomena related to the press-release should be provided in the bottom part thereof
  • Example, NP "Wikimedia RU" description:
    NP «Wikimedia RU» is a Non-profit Partnership for the advancement of encyclopedic knowledge, a legally independent organization, established to support activities conducted within the territory of the Russian Federation related to development and distribution of free encyclopedic, educational and other information, reflecting knowledge accumulated by humanity. «Wikimedia RU» is primarily busy supporting and developing Wikimedia projects, particularly Wikipedia.