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Gevorg Ghazaryan
Գևորգ Ղազարյան

About me

Hello, my name is Gevorg. I am a 15 years old student from Armenia. My hometown is Artashat, which is one of the capitals of the ancient Armenian Kingdom. One of my hobbies is geography. Last year I participated in the Geography Scholar Olympiad and almost got to the international stage. Most of the time, I usually study or edit Wikipedia. I'm interested in many things, first of all, software development, Wiki Loves Monuments, education, and languages.

My work

I joined the Armenian Wikipedia on February 27 of 2018, and since then I'm a volunteer in Wikimedia projects. Also contributing to Commons and Wikidata. My main interests are geography, history, countries, and culture. Now I do 1000wikidays challenge, during the 100 days I develop information about any country in hy.wikipedia.

I have many plans and goals for the future, and most of them are related to Wikimedia Armenia. Our team and I are trying to motivate more people to edit our encyclopedia. We are planning to organize events and workshops to encourage new editors. We are currently working on the “Armenian History“ project and discussing new ones. I also want to learn more about Wikisource and Wikidata. My ultimate goal is to finish the 1000wikidays challenge and improve the quality of the articles.

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