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Welcome to my page!

My name is Susanna Mkrtchyan and I am from Armenia.

My user name is WikiTatik, Tatik in Armenian means Grandma.

This nickname I was granted by my grandson, for my inspiration to Wikipedia.

• I work as a Leader scientist at the Institute for Problems of Informatics and Automatization. I have a Phd of Technical Sciences from the Scientific Research Institute for System Analysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences. I have years of experience in automatic management systems, databases and system research. My thesis title was: Design of Human Interface for Database Management System "INES".

• I have a background in mathematics and I am a graduate of Yerevan State University. As a personal accomplishment I have designed several databases of Land reform and food industry of the Republic of Armenia.

in Wiki world

I started editing Wikipedia in 2010 and still active in my home wiki, Armenian Wikipedia, continue editing by now.

Since 2011 I created several new educational wikiprojects: Wikclub, Wikicamp, Wiki loves science, and teachers Wiki training. First two projects were recognized by Wikimedia movement as the coolest Wikimedia projects in 2014 and 2016 appropriately. On 2015 I was honorably mentioned by Jimmy Wales the Wikipedian of the year.

I very believe in power of Wikipedia and other wiki projects as an educational tool for all grades of schools, high schools and universities and for all ages. Editing Wikipedia helps human to enhance verbal and writing abilities, fluently form thoughts, and particularly concentration and thinking abilities.