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Spring 2018[править]

5 one-hour-long Tatar-language Wikimedia Education Program webinars from Selet House (possible to attend offline). Participants will learn about functioning of Wikimedia projects and rules of engagement. In the second part of the program, Best article contest to be organized specially among course participants. In conclusion, graduating youth will receive «Wikimedia RU» Non-Profit Partnership (Wikimedia Russia) certificates.

As of the moment, the project is organized by the first season team. Master-classes are to be organized in line with the following plan.

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Speaker — Abdulla Khamidullin. Topic: Some questions arising when creating articles and portals, and possible solutions thereto.


Webinar in Russian language:

  • Dmitry Rozhkov (from Selet House in Kazan, 14:30-15:00). Contests and edit-a-thons in Wikimedia projects.
  • Vladimir Medeyko (via Skype, 15:00-15:30) ― Wikimedia movement Educational Seminars and Conferences.