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Languages: русский · English · татарча/tatarça
Participants of edit-a-thon at Lernapat (1857 pers.) village Wiki-club, Lori Province in the North of Armenia: «Our WikiClub teaches us to collaborate efficiently».

Let's greet Wiki in Tatar[править]

  1. Sign Up (from personal smartphone, turning your Wi-Fi off before that!)
    • There's 4-5 User Sign Up limit per IP per day, others (anonymous users) might get lost during the tour of Wiki-galaxies.
  2. Sign in under your Username from the laptop and place {{Сәлкеш}} & {{Сәләт викимәктәбе катнашучысы}} templates on your Userpage.

Signing attendance[править]

Ex.: * --~~~~

Action log & interaction[править]

Tour to the United Wikis Council[править]

Wikimedia logo family complete-2013.svg
  1. Selecting your interface language (personal settings)
  2. Templates for your Meta UserPage
    • {{Userbox |border-c = Orange |border-s=1 |id-c = Gold |id-s = |id-fc=#a3bfb1 |info-c = white |info-s = 8 |info-fc=#222 |id=[[File:Selet logo.png|50px|]] |info=[[File:Wikimedia Community Logo.svg|50px|right|link=]] This is a ''[[m:Special:CentralAuth/{{PAGENAME}}|globally active]]'' Tatar-language <br/> '''''[[:w:tt:Википедия:Сәләт викимәктәбе|Selet WikiSchool]]''''' participant. | float = right }}
    • {{#babel:tt|ru-4|en-2}}
  3. Observing events therein, understanding what's going on, Q&A

Getting to know Wiki-constellations[править]

Wikimedia movement[править]

2015 Wikimedia movement affiliates map
HNL Wiki Wiki Bus.jpg

Wiki to speed up teamwork online[править]

Extra material[править]

Supplemental materials towards next lesson[править]