Wiki-Sabantuy 2015

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The 10th anniversary logo in Bashkir Wikipedia

Wiki-Sabantuy 2015 is a campaign dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Bashkir Wikipedia, which facilitates the development of language section of Russian nations and other countries focused on promotion of Wikipedia and other projects of Wikimedia. The main event of campaign is the The Open International Research and Application Conference “Wikipedia and Information Society” that will take place in Ufa, Bashkortostan, on April 24–26, 2015. Over the course of the conference, the team of organizers from the Wikimedia Russia chapter, as well as other Wikimedians throughout Bashkortostan and other regions will collaborate to curate panels and workshops.

Wiki-Sabantuy is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Bashkir Wikipedia and call to bring to the front and popularization of the ideology of free distribution of knowledge, development publicly accessible source of scientific and educational information in the languages of nationalities of the Russian Federation and bordering countries, and problem solving of computational linguistics.

The focus of the conference will be celebration of the Bashkir Wikipedia anniversary and discussion of issues specific to development of the smaller Wikipedia editions in different languages of Russian Federation. The other mission of the conference is to unite Wikimedians in Bashkortostan and Russia, and to attract attention of non-Wikimedians, including academics, professionals, students and activists to the Wikimedia movement in Russia with special interest in the participation of indigenous language speakers.


The main part of Wiki-Sabantuy will be divided into three days. First day is held for press conference about partnership between Wikimedia RU and regional organisations, and Bashkir tea party. Second day is dedicated to panels within international conference, award ceremony and big celebratory concert. Third day consists of trip to the historical places of Bashkortostan and an excursion along Ufa city.

Preparation. The 10th Anniversary contest of Bashkir Wikipedia[править]

Writing contest on the theme of “Bashkir Wikipedia is 10!” in Bashkir Wikipedia started in December, 2014 and will last till starting the main part of Wiki-Sabantuy. The idea is to focus on improving Wikipedia's most important articles of Bashkir section, especially from the list of vital articles. Now, there are more than 20 participants and almost 700 new and improved articles.

Friday 24th, Press Conference[править]

Press conference will start at 10 am by local time in Bashinform News Agency press center. There will be made important statements:

  • Heads of Wikimedia RU talk about Wikimedia Projects and development of indigenous languages sections, and also about starting of Wiki-Sabantuy event in Ufa.
  • Ufa Institute of History, Language and Literature of Research Center of Russian Academy of Sciences will have to release Dictionary of Bashkir language in 32 volumes under free license.

At the end of the afternoon we will have Traditional Bashkir tea party in the cafe.

Saturday 25th, Panels and Workshops, Celebratory Concert[править]

Key milestone of “Wiki-Sabantuy 2015” will be an Open International Research and Application Conference (workshop) “Wikipedia and Information Society”, which will be held on April 25th, 2015 in the city of Ufa at Bashkir State University. In the conference the following will be reviewed:

  • Free distribution of knowledge – theoretical and practical aspects
  • Ideology and technology of freeware distribution of knowledge through the projects of Wikimedia
  • Integration of Wikimedia projects into scientific and educational process
  • Wikimedia projects development in the languages of the nationalities of the Russian Federation and bordering countries
  • Computational linguistics of the nationalities of the Russian Federation and bordering countries
  • Other open to public virtual source of scientific and educational information

There will be 2 panels. First is about development of the Wiki-projects in indigenous languages. The second panel is workshops for newcomers by advanced users. We will be holding workshops where newcomers can learn from expert editors and anyone can handle to edit articles. The workshop will include an edit-a-thon in biographies of notable persons with no article in ba:WP or than need improvement.

Note: Topics for Panels and Workshops have not been finalized.

Sunday 26th, Wiki-Excursion[править]

Third day of the program starts at 7 am

After the main part. The International Contest[править]

International Article Contest is the final part of the whole Wiki-Sabantuy complex of events. The competition will include the following topics: famous Bashkirs, Bashkir culture and history, famous places of Bashkortostan.

Organizing Team:

  • Conference Director: Vladimir Medeyko (Drbug)
  • Coordinator: Rustam Nuriev (Рөстәм Нурыев)
  • Сoordinator’s assistant: Flur Dusmukhametov
  • Member of Steering Committee, official representative of Wiki-Sabantuy 2015, work with sponsors:Ildar Kinyabulatov (Prounn)
  • Member of Steering Committee, coordinator for connection between section of regional languages of Russia:

Nikolay Pavlov (HalanTul)

  • Member of Steering Committee: Kaiyr (Wikimedia Kazakhstan)
  • Member of Steering Committee, Budget Manager: Linar Khalitov (rubin16)

Endorsements from community members or movement groups:

  • Wikimedia RU
  • Bashkir State University
  • Ufa Institute of History, Language and Literature of Research Center of Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Bashinform News Agency
  • Bashkir Projects network community