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Languages: русский · English

The project is about systemic use of CentralNotice banner mechanism to inform readers of Wikimedia projects in the languages of Russia and sometimes others about online-contests, as well as educational offline events (Wiki-seminars, Wiki-conferences etc.), initiated and organized by Wikimedians from the Russian Federation — be it on the level of the national chapter Wikimedia Russia, as well as language, territory or other theme-specific Wikimedia User Groups from Russia and, possibly, yet unrecognized groups of active users.

Usage Guidelines[править]

  • Campaign length - Campaigns should typically be less than 2 weeks in length. Only in cases where proven success exists or explicit community consensus prevails will exceptions be made for campaigns of 1 month.
  • Limit - Hard limit of 2 campaigns for any one language/geography/project combination per month.
  • Freely licensed - All content including text, background images or logos must be free content.

Standard Settings[править]

  • Only about contests and seminars/conferences open to all
  • Only to Anonimous visitors, others will learn at respective forums?
  • In all pertinent content-related Wikimedia Projects
  • In languages of other sovereign states — only within territorial limits of the Russian Federation
    • When in partnership with other country chapters, other languages can also be covered in their territory of responsibility
  • In Russian and other languages of Russia — globally
  • Landing pages — minimum in Russian and English
  • Campaign weight & Banner impressions to be left to experienced CN-Admins

Russia settings[править]

  1. After each campaign, the number of new editors who join and participate, and the number of articles created/edited and if possible, the amount of information added during a competition be reported.
  2. It's recommended that only one campaign run any one time.
  3. There should ideally be breaks between campaigns where no banners are being shown to users to avoid banner fatigue/banner blindness.
  4. Banner campaigns that aim to target unregistered and new users only should include a maximum edit count threshold.
  5. Banners in Russia will use a shared impression cookie and a shared close cookie across campaigns.


  • Initiator creates campaign landing page in Russian in WMRU-wiki, Meta-wiki or in one of the Wikimedia content projects in the languages of Russia and announces it via WMRU mailing list
  • The page is translated into English and, if necessary, into other languages and is published on WMRU-wiki or Meta-Wiki (or in respective language sections of content-related Wikimedia projects)
    • When using WMRU-wiki or Meta-Wiki, the optimal solution is to mark either Russian or English text for translation, though it's possible to do things manually (by placing {{languages|Original page title}} code, whilst other language versions are titled using «Original page title/language code», like Баннеры/en here)
  • Banner text and emblem identified
  • CentralNotice Request is filed in English
    • Separate campaign page with project details is created (timeframes, covered projects, landing pages, banner impressions, etc.)
    • The campaign page is included for showing in the overall requests list ({{:Campaign page}})
    • target projects are notified of the request at their Village Pumps/Forums (standard English & Russian invitation to comment in the dedicated discussion on Meta)
  • The campaign is included into CentralNotice/Calendar
  • CN-admins are kindly reminded to activate the banner some 10-14 days after Request.

Project notifications[править]

Text template[править]


Please comment on CentralNotice banner proposal for ongoing annual Wikimedia CEE Spring 2018 article writing contest.
Proposed settings: Month long, only in Russia, WPs in en-kk-myv-ru-tt & possibly others (local landing page, mainly from m:Wikipedias in the languages of Russia), low impression TBD by CN admins.
On behalf of Wikimedia Russia Banners Program, respectfully


Dear colleagues!
Wikimedia Russia (WMRU) is a local organizer of the IVth Annual International Wiki-Marathon CEE Spring 2018 (March 21 - May 31), run by Wikimedia movement affiliates from Central and Eastern European countries. Targeted CentralNotice banner campaign is initiated to inform Wikipedia visitors from among residents & guests of the Russian Federation about the project.

  • Banner (EN)

We invite you to express your opinion, voice your proposals about improving the banner or its settings, here or (better) at banner request page in the language of this notification. We will be grateful if you can help us to create or improve the banner and the project landing page in Your language.
On behalf of WMRU Banner Program, respectfully



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