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Wikimedia RU

Free knowledge in the Russian Federation

Recent News


Wiki-Conference 2016 — 10th Annual International Forum dedicated to developing Wikimedia projects in the languages of Russia, as well as issues around free knowledge creation and dissemination - has taken place on October 1st & 2nd, year 2016. Serving as a scientific conference and a meeting of the like-minded, the annual Wiki-Conference brings together participants of various Wikimedia projects to deliver reports and make presentations about the ongoing and completed projects, exchange opinions and network. Wiki-Conference participants discuss a diversity of issues ranging from free and opensource software to initiatives of free dissemination of knowledge and Wiki-Projects in the Russian Federation and around the World.

The Conference has taken place at Saint Peterburg's ITMO University buildings on Birzhevaya liniya street. See Conference outcomes and participants' feedback.

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About Wikimedia RU

«Wikimedia RU» Non-Commercial Partnership for the Advancement of Encyclopedic Knowledge is a legally independent non-profit organization, established to support activities conducted within the territory of the Russian Federation related to development of free encyclopedic, educational and other information, reflecting knowledge accumulated by humanity.

The leading project of the kind is a free internet-encyclopedia «Wikipedia», whose Russian language edition is one of the main aspects of «Wikimedia RU» activities.

«Wikimedia RU» Non-Profit Partnership is approved by Wikimedia Foundation as a «Wikimedia Chapter» in the Russian Federation.

«Wikimedia RU» conducts its activities in line with its Bylaws, which were approved by the Russian Federation Ministry of Justice on November 11, 2008.

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Write us

Write us on any subject in our forum, or use email for confidential messages:
general questions: infoatwikimedia.ru;
press-service: pressatwikimedia.ru.

You can subscribe to our Twitter (@Wikimedia_RU), Like us in VK (wikimedia) or Facebook (WikimediaRU).

You can also subscribe our mailing list.

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Current events


30Wikimedia RU working meeting in Naberezhnaya Tower, Moscow City
15WikiExpedition Logo.svg WikiExpedition in Sakhalin

See also meta:WMCEE Calendar 2017

Join us

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We hold lots of events, including competitions, meetings and organizing partnerships with third parties.

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Program grants

Apply for a grant if you need funds to implement projects in line with  «Wikimedia RU» goals.

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Donate to Wikimedia RU and support our work for development of Wikipedia and other projects in the Russian Federation.

If you have any ideas, time and opportunities you can offer to NP «Wikimedia RU», please let us know on our forum.

Wikimedia projects in Russian language

Wikimedia projects in indigenious languages of Russia with regional or local official status

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