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Wikimedia RU

Free knowledge in the Russian Federation

Recent News

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«Wikimedia RU» Non-Profit Partnership launched «Open Library» contest.

The contest takes place in the framework of «Open Library» Resource Center Project, directed at helping libraries to provide open access to Public Domain works. Participation is open to any Russian Federation library willing and able the following resources from their stock available for open access:

  • Public Domain works (Art. 1282 of the Russian Federation Civil Code),
  • Works not considered Objects of Copyright (Art. 1259 of the Russian Federation Civil Code, p.6) or
  • Works distributed under free license (Art. 1286.1 of the Russian Federation Civil Code).

«Wikimedia RU» Non-Profit Partnership Executive Director Stanislav Kozlovsky stated that significant number of scientific and artistic works are still unavailable on the Internet, being accessible only on paper - in books, magazines and newspapers stored in libraries.

«Paper publications are not usually digitized due to copyright-related restrictions and thus end up being inaccessible. There are, however, some publications that can be legally digitized as their Copyright protection period is over and they are now in the Public Domain. The contest is to serve as an impetus to motivate libraries towards large-scale digitization of such publications. Knowledge should be serving people, not staying in storage as dead weight».

Contest is organized in three nominations:

  • «Wikimedia Commons» - PD works being uploaded into the eponymous website;
  • «Federal Reserve System of Knowledge Banks» - the winner defined by the number of openly published works that library registers with FRS;
  • «Library's own electronic resources» - best E-library through the prism of, among others, such criteria as accessibility of works, search convenience and digital file quality.

Libraries are free to participate in any number of nominations. The contest runs through 30 June 2018. Works, uploaded by the libraries, will be registered and stored in Federal Reserve System of Knowledge Banks, established by the Internet-Publishers Association (Ассоциация интернет-издателей) together with other civil society organizations and Internet projects. Internet users will get access to all materials provided by participating libraries.

The prize fund of «Open Library» contest is 300 000 rubles. The project is created by Wikimedia RU Non-Profit Partnership funded through Russian Federation Presidential Grant for Development of Civil Society provided by the Presidential Grants Foundation.

Participation-related letters can be sent to lib@wikimedia.ru. For more details look here.

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About Wikimedia RU

«Wikimedia RU» Non-Commercial Partnership for the Advancement of Encyclopedic Knowledge is a legally independent non-profit organization, established to support activities conducted within the territory of the Russian Federation related to development of free encyclopedic, educational and other information, reflecting knowledge accumulated by humanity.

The leading project of the kind is a free internet-encyclopedia «Wikipedia», whose Russian language edition is one of the main aspects of «Wikimedia RU» activities.

«Wikimedia RU» Non-Profit Partnership is approved by Wikimedia Foundation as a «Wikimedia Chapter» in the Russian Federation.

«Wikimedia RU» conducts its activities in line with its Bylaws, which were approved by the Russian Federation Ministry of Justice on November 11, 2008.

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