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WikiConference Russia & WikiCON North Eurasia 2017
                     Moscow, 14—15 October 2017

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The conference will take place on 14-15 October 2017 in Moscow at the Nekrasov Library.

Nekrasov Library

The Central Universal Science Library Nekrasov is founded in 1919. The Library receives its name after Nikolay Nekrasov. It is a public library service for the people of Moscow with over 2 million books in more than 100 languages. The center is also founded to support all other libraries in Moscow.

58/25 @ Baumanskaya Street, bldg 14; Baumanskaya metro station.
How to get there
  • On foot (700 meters, 9 minutes). Once out of the metro, head southward along Baumanskaya street, then take right at Denisovskij pereulok.
  • By public transport from «Baumanskaya» metro station (7 minutes, excluding waiting). Bus 425, trams 37, 45, 50 & Б. You only ride two stops to «Denisovskij pereulok — Biblioteka imeni Nekrasova» (the one after «Aptekarskij pereulok»).
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Moscow is the largest city in Russia and its capital, founded in 1147. It is the most inhabited city which is fully in Europe, in top-10 most populous cities of the world (12.4 mln people).

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