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Partner — Sakhalin Oblast Administrations
Partner — Sakhalin Oblast Administrations

Sakhalin WikiExpedition 2017 — WikiExpedition in Russia across Sakhalin island dedicated to developing all Wikimedia projects. Organizers: famous ultra trail runner Dmitry Erokhin and non-commercial partnership Wikimedia RU (Wikimedia chapter in Russia). Start of WikiExpedition: 28 July — 24 August, 2017.

Our route[править]

Trail runner Dmitry Erokhin will run through the entire run Sakhalin Island from north to south 948 km in 15 days. From the northernmost point Cape Elizabeth till the southernmost point Cape Crillon. A large part of the way — is regional road 64Н-1 from Okha town to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk city.

The run has begun on August, 1. Real-time satellite tracking: https://www.iridium360.ru/public/fbf55418 Instagram broadcast: https://www.instagram.com/erokhindmitryy

Wikimedia Commons
  • Preparing, uploading, description and categorization of the images of Sakhalin Island made (mountains, rivers, points — about more 500 files with Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

Press conferences, check points, etc. during 1–24 August (see Russian page for details in Russian)

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Organizers contacts[править]

  • Nikolai Litvinov (Wikimedia RU) e-mail: nikolai.litvinovatwikimedia.ru (about WikiExpedition global parntership)
  • Dmitry Erokhin personal e-mail: 5421240atgmail.com
  • Dmitry Erokhin Telegram: +79255421240