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Russia's first paper encyclopedia under free licence

Russia now has first paper encyclopedia which is distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International free lincense. This is «ALL OF RUSSIA. Cities and settlements» encyclopedia, first published by the Institute of Industrial Economics & Management back in 2001.

Wikipedia used to be considered an antagonist to classical printed encyclopedias. To stress the main point (without going into detailed differences between online & paper encyclopedias) — Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia, whilst paper encyclopedias, unfortunately, are not. This means that anyone can use all Wikipedia's materials without any limitations and special permissions from the rights owner, as long as a link to respective article is included. Text and illustrations from paper encyclopedias can't be used so freely, as this will qualify as copyright violation.

Encyclopedia «ALL OF RUSSIA. Cities and settlements»is one of the first respectable scientific encyclopedic publications containing detailed information about all cities of our country, as well as a large number of its non-town settlements, which are still of socio-cultural and economic significance. The encyclopedia was being prepared for publication in 1998—2000 and was printed in 2001. The work contains a large volume of information about history of Russia's cities, as well as their economic, socio-demographic & cultural development. One can find information about executive and legislative authorities, their names and principles of formation. Current legislation about municipal authorities was not yet development, so readers will discover a great diversity of state and municipal management structures Russia's cities and regions had at the verge the 20th and 21st centuries. The encyclopedia also reflects information about the economy of respective cities, main enterprises and organizations that existed at that moment in time. Read more... (Russian)

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About Wikimedia RU

«Wikimedia RU» Non-Commercial Partnership for the Advancement of Encyclopedic Knowledge is a legally independent non-profit organization, established to support activities conducted within the territory of the Russian Federation related to development of free encyclopedic, educational and other information, reflecting knowledge accumulated by humanity.

The leading project of the kind is a free internet-encyclopedia «Wikipedia», whose Russian language edition is one of the main aspects of «Wikimedia RU» activities.

«Wikimedia RU» Non-Profit Partnership is approved by Wikimedia Foundation as a «Wikimedia Chapter» in the Russian Federation.

«Wikimedia RU» conducts its activities in line with its Bylaws, which were approved by the Russian Federation Ministry of Justice on November 11, 2008.

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