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This is depiction of the world where Wikimedia movement's vision is achieved. The strategic path towards achieving our goals is described on a different page.

Cooperation of people of knowledge

  • Every person is taking part in learning, creation, collection, systematization and transfer of knowledge.
  • All people cooperate with each other, jointly developing own personality and common science and culture.

Open and free access to knowledge

  • Every person has convenient access to all knowledge, accumulated by humanity.
  • Every person can freely receive and transfer knowledge, complement them, correct them and bring them into a systemic form without any limitation.


  • Every person is capable of receiving knowledge in one's mother tongue (heritage language).
  • Every person has an opportunity to create knowledge in any language, and it becomes accessible to all.
  • Every person knows a number of languages.
  • There are conditions for preservation and development of all languages.


  • Society is respectful of cultural differences of individual humans, their groups and nations, to manifestation of various cultures, to evolving cultural preferences.
  • There are conditions for appearance, preservation, cross-pollination, enrichment and development of cultural differences.


  • People collaborate. They work in the widest cooperation of people, organization and bodies of authority. They help each other.
  • People are looking for compromise, uniting opinion, achieving consensus when overcoming disputes.
  • Wikimedia movement unites people of different languages, cultures, age, professional background and temperament.
  • Innovative, social and political mobility pathways function well.


  • The state and society have in place necessary mechanisms preventing the return to values foreign to Wikimedia movement.

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