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This page is a partial translation into English. See the original and the latest information in Russian.

List of major Wikimedia RU projects.

Free content[править]

Legislation and neighboring issues[править]

  • 2010—2013 — Amendments to the Russian Civil Code, Part 4.
    • 2010—2011 — Sending of letters (ex. 1 & 2).
    • 2011—2013 — Participation in councils, commissions and hearings.
  • 2011—2012 — Amendments to draft of «On protection of childred from information harming their health and development».
  • 2012 — Amendments to draft of Creative Commons License v.4, Russian adaptation.
  • 2012 — Amendments to draft law «On making amendments in certain on regulatory acts in parts concerning regulation of counteraction to extremist activities».
  • 2012 — Amendments to statury instruments for 139-FZ federal law («Law on black lists»)
  • 2011 — Russian Internet in XXI century (Copyrights) manifesto

Wikimedia projects community support[править]

Popularization of Wikipedia and the free knowledge[править]

  • 2013 — Moscow State University journalist falulty students practice with writing articles in WikiNews
  • 2012 — Skolkovo Open University courses: «Wikipedia Inside: Theory, methodology, practice»
  • 2012 — Writing and publishing of book «Copyright in Internet. Prospects of the copyright law systems and support of public domain». (Jointly with Coordination center of national domain in Internet, Internet technical center, Moscow State University journalist falulty
  • 2012—2013 — Documentary movie on Wikipedia in Russia
  • 2011 — Wiki Loves Petersbug expeditions in St. Petersburg, Russia (Rahmaninov hotel) and Narva, Estonia (Narva museum) (jointly with Wikimedia Eesti)
  • 2011—2013 — Numerous public lectures and master classes on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.
  • 2008—2013 — Numerous talks in mass media.