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Finno-Ugric Wikiseminar 2016
Petrozavodsk, 6-9 May 2016

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Finno-Ugric Wikiseminar 2016 (рус. Финно-угорский вики-семинар 2016) — 3rd International Scientific and Practical Seminar dedicated to preserving heritage of the Finno-Ugric peoples. Deliberations are done in Russian, English and Finno-Ugric languages,

Dates and venue[править]

The seminar will take place on 6-9 MAY 2016 in Petrozavodsk at Intourist Onego Palace Hotel & Restaurant. Please plan your arrivals on Friday May 6 and departures on Monday May 9 (after the wiki-trip to «Kizhi»). Hotel offers Special Discount to all Seminar participants: to receive it, please write тариф «вики-семинар»/«wiki-seminar» rate in the «Additional requests» section of the booking form at the official website of the hotel. For details, please see the Venue and Seminar Program pages.

Participating countries[править]

Attendees from the following countries expressed their interests:

  • Russian Federation
  • Estonia

Registration: Participants

Attention: If you need visa support (by VAO Intourist), please contact to nikolai . litvinov (at) wikimedia . ru. We need your passport data and booking confirmation from Intourist Onego Palace Hotel & Restaurant to prepare an invitation letter. All participants of the wikiseminar will get a special price for accomodation (please make copypast in Additional requests in Onego Palace Hotel & Restaurant website: Tariff 'wikiseminar' for booking any rooms).

Questions and comments[править]

You can discuss the seminar and raise questions at the talk page.

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Partners on the seminar[править]

«İzdatelstvo «Periodika» (англ. «Periodicals» Publishing house) is an autonomous organization of the Republic of Karelia established in 1991 for publishing newspapers and magazines in Karelian, Finnish and Vepsian languages. The publishing house unites 5 editorial offices: newspapers Karjalan Sanomat («fin. News of Karelia}}»), Oma Mua («liv. Native Land»), Kodima («vep. Native Land»), trilingual (fi/krl/vep) magazines CareliaKarelia») and Kipinä («The Spark»). Principle founders of all publications are the Regional Parliament, the Government of the Republic of Karelia, Republic of Karelia Ministry for Ethnic Policy and Interaction with Citizen and Religious Organizations and the Mass Media, Republic of Karelia Ministry for Education, as well as respective ethnic community organizations.

«Wikimedia RU» Non-Commercial Partnership (рус. НП «Викимедиа РУ») — is a legally independent non-profit organization, established to support activities conducted within the territory of the Russian Federation related to development of free encyclopedic, educational and other information, reflecting knowledge accumulated by humanity.

The leading project of the kind is a free internet-encyclopedia «Wikipedia», whose editions in the languages of the people of Russia are among principle concerns of «Wikimedia RU». The organization is open for sponsorship, as well as different grants.