WikiConference 2017

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WikiConference Russia & WikiCON North Eurasia 2017
                     Moscow, 14—15 October 2017

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WikiConference 2017 is the 11th Annual International Forum dedicated to developing Wikimedia projects in the languages of Russia, as well as free knowledge creation and distribution in general. The event is being organized by «Wikimedia RU» NP since 2007. Conference working language is Russian.

A scientific conference and a meeting of the like-minded, Annual WikiConference brings together participants of various Wikimedia projects, for reporting & making presentations on on-going and completed projects, exchanging ideas and making new contacts. WikiConference participants have an opportunity to discuss in person a wide spectrum of issues, from free and open software to free knowledge sharing initiatives and wiki-projects in the Russian Federation and around the world.

Time and venue

The conference was held on 14—15 October 2017 (Saturday & Sunday) at Nekrasov Library in Moscow (58/25 Baumanskaya st., bldg. 14; Baumanskaya metro station).


Participation is open to anyone, please register here.


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Conference organization

Conference organizer

Program committee

Vladimir Solovjev (chairman), Pavel Kaganer, Stanislav Kozlovsky, Sofia Ponomaryova, Anatoly Tsapenko

Organizing committee

Vladimir Medeyko (chairman), Dmitry Rozhkov

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For the conference related discussion and questions, see respective talk-page.

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