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«Wikimedia RU» and Internet Publishers Association have been conducting research work on open and free access to knowledge for many years. Below are some of our research publications.

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Рекомендации по реорганизации работы библиотек и музеев

В рамках проекта «Открытое наследие», выполняемого при поддержке Фонда президентских грантов, в 2018-2019 годах «Викимедиа РУ» совместно с Ассоциацией интернет-издателей проведено исследование причин, препятствующих таким организациям культуры как библиотеки и музеи заниматься публикацией культурного наследия в интернете. По итогам исследований были подготовлены рекомендации, которые, как мы надеемся, должны помочь учреждениям культуры и органам управления скорректировать свою деятельность

Трищенко Н.Д. Викимедиа РУ 2019
Культурное наследие и общественное достояние В работе рассматриваются вопросы концепции общественного достояния, его регулирование в Российской Федерации в рамках международного и национального законодательства. В работе представлен список наиболее важных для интересов российского общества произведений, переходящих в общественное достояние 1 января 2019 года. Козловский С.А., Корольков А.Ю., Медейко В.В. Викимедиа РУ 2019
Доступ к культуре и культура доступа Анализ факторов, препятствующих библиотекам и музеям открыто размещать коллекции в интернете Доклад посвящен специфике деятельности музеев и библиотек в цифровую эпоху. Авторы рассматривают состояние электронных ресурсов учреждений культуры на современном этапе, анализируют библиотечное и музейное право, проводят оценку стратегических программ развития ведущих российских организаций. Засурский И., Горбунова А., Рязанова Д. Викимедиа РУ 2018
Copyright and Public Domain in Russia This study covers topic questions of Public Domain concept, its regulation in the Russian Federation in the framework of existing International and National legislation. The work includes a select list of works entering PD on the 1st of January 2018 (most valuable ones for Russia's public). S.Kozlovsky, A.Korolkov, V.Medeyko Wikimedia RU 2018
E-Libraries in Russia. Current Status and Growth Prospects. The publication covers electronic resources of Russia's libraries. It contains short history of digital libraries, information on related regulations, research results on the state of digitized collections, their composition & access thereto. The book describes experiences of different level libraries, such as Federal Libraries, Specialized Libraries, University Libraries, etc. Of interest to specialists in Library Science and Copyrights on the web. K.Zuykina, D.Sokolova, A.Skalaban Vash Format 2017
National Specifics of Copyright Protection. Public Domain Challenges in Russia The study describes Copyright Protection specifics in various countries, explains obstacles complicating PD status for works of science, literature and arts in the Russian Federation. S.Kozlovsky Internet Publishers Association 2016
Public Domain This research covers Public Domain concept, its regulation by International and National Legislation of various countries. Special attention is given to PD-related legislative and judicial practice of Russian Federation. Most important works for the interests of Russia's community. S.Kozlovsky, V.Medeyko, A.Korolkov, V.Solovyov, A.Fomenko Prospekt 2016
Open Access to Science: Advantages and Transition towards New Knowledge-Sharing Model The book analyzes main trends of scientific communication, describes history, theory and implementation of Open Science principles, raises issues caused by the current Copyrights legislation, shows a number of possible ways for changing the state of things and prospects of changing models for accessing scientific content, as well as advantages of open access to knowledge for education of and research works by the youth, provides justification for organizing unlimited distribution of knowledge and cultural assets. N.Tischenko Internet Publishers Association, Kabinetnyj Uchonyj 2016
Informational Superconductivity: Copyright as a Development Tool The research work consists of four parts, each of which is an independent research. First part entitled «Information Superconductivity: Copyright Law as Development Tool» is a detailed analysis of problems causing economic and social losses and costs due to the inadequacy of the legislation for the challenges of the time. Book publishing industry in Russia and globally is used as an example for analyzing problems caused by Copyright Laws being inadequate to technological principles of the new media and social practices of the new era; effect of information superconductivity, the backbone of innovative development, is shown to be the unrealized potential of the new era. The Law protects wrongly and the wrong parties, thus greatest losses are born by the authors, which can not satisfy their principle right – to be heard, as well as the society, which loses its cultural memory and communication speed level access to knowledge. The research analyses international experience on the example of Canada, France and other countries' legislation, proposing a detailed action plan for Copyright Legislation Reform in Russia and globally, including setting new principles of state policy in this field. Translations of two foreign research works, published by respective authors under the Open Licenses, which are extensively cited in the first part of the work, are available in the Annex: «Digital opportunity: review of intellectual property and growth» by Ian Hargreaves & «FOREVER MINUS A DAY? CALCULATING OPTIMAL COPYRIGHT TERM» by Rufus Pollock contributed towards making this research possible and are helpful to provide global context to the study. V.Kharitonov, I.Zasursky Internet Publishers Association 2016
New Copyright Regulation Model. Public Domain and Public Good Conceptа The book is dedicated to analysis of current trends in the area of copyright protection, Russian regulation and formulating proposals on developing public goods concept based new state policy in order to open access to knowledge and cultural assets for the purposes of raising the level of education and culture in Russia's society, softening the digital divide and proving for more active development of information and library services industry and new media, launching innovations strategy for developing and multiplying human capital. I.Zasursky Internet Publishers Association, Kabinetnyj Uchonyj 2016
Orphan Works in Russia: Status and Possible Solutions. How to Open Access to Works Whose Legal Copyright Owners Are Impossible to Identify This study covers challenges caused by the protection of orphan works that do not require this. Authors undertake conceptual analysis of the problem, looking at the approaches to correct legal definition of the orphan work, consider causes of their orphanage which are caused by the very pillars of the modern Copyright Law system, as well as studying the scale of the orphan works on the example of large foreign library collections, assessing the same for the collections of the Russian Federation Libraries. Over and above, the authors analyze contemporary law practices such as fair use principles and free use exceptions (and legalization through recognition as escheated property) as possible scenarios for resolving the problem. I.Levova, D.Vinnik, A.Moiseeva Internet Publishers Association 2016
E-Publishing in Russia: Problem of Access and State Regulation Publication analyses Russia's book publishing, particularly domestic e-publications production and distribution, their structure, encountered challenges, market structure, its specifics, key players and existing difficulties. This research provides a number of recommendations for developing a more open access to e-books. V.Kharitonov Internet Publishers Association, Kabinetnyj Uchonyj 2016
Public Domain. How to Open Access to Culture and Knowledge. Collected Volume Collection of scientific works on legal, cultural and economic challenges of Public Domain field. I.Zasursky, S.Kozlovsky, V.Kharitonov, I.Levova, D.Vinnik, A.Moiseeva, D.Semyachkin, M.Sergeev, A.Korolkov, V.Medeyko, V.Solovyov, A.Fomenko, G.Shuklin, N.Trischenko Internet Publishers Association, Kabinetnyj Uchonyj 2016
Infrastructure of the Noosphere. Modern Tools for Internet Registration and Identification of Cultural, Scientific and Educational Works. The study characterizes tools for identification of educational, scientific and cultural works in line with categorization of their effectiveness and application area. Justifications provided for applying DOI standard for document and work categorization. Strategy for identification of works is developed & provided in the context of establishing knowledge banks based knowledge back-up system – Open License or Public Domain Open Repositories. Possibility of creating Orphan Works Register and funding identification process using Federal Budget or Development Funds is analyzed in detail, providing assessments on the scale of necessary funding for implementation of the strategy. I.Zasursky, M.Sergeev, D.Semyachkin Internet Publishers Association, Open Science Association 2015
Internet Copyright Transformation: Global Trends, Business Models, Recommendations for Russia This study analyses key Copyright challenges and principle trends in foreign countries Copyright Law. Alternative business-models for materializing author's rights are covered, main scenarios of Russia's Copyright Law transformation are outlined. The Annex includes «The Case for Copyright Reform» by Christian Engström and Rick Falkvinge, as well as a summary translation of «Copy Culture in the US and Germany» by Joe Karaganis and Lennart Renkema. A.Alekseeva, I.Zasursky, K.Kazaryan, S.Kozlovsky, I.Levova., G.Shuklin, V.Kharitonov Internet Publishers Association 2013
Copyrights on the Web. Copyright & Public Domain Prospects. This research work analyses challenge authors face on the Internet, plots scenarios for further improvement of copyright laws and makes recommendations on long-overdue copyright law reform due to prospects of further development of Internet and content industry. I.Zasursky, V.Kharitonov, S.Kozlovsky, A.Alekseeva Internet Publishers Association 2012

Сайт запущен в рамках проекта Ресурсный центр «Открытая библиотека», в 2018—2019 гг. работа продолжается в рамках проекта Ресурсный центр «Открытое наследие» с использованием гранта Президента Российской Федерации на развитие гражданского общества, предоставленного Фондом президентских грантов.The materials of the "Open Library" site, unless otherwise specified, are available under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. References to the authors of illustrations are available on the wiki-version of the site.