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«Open Library» contest

«Open Library» — contest among Russia's libraries directed at giving open access to public domain works in their storage.

Winning libraries will be awarded prizes to support their continuing efforts in open access publishing if they join Federal Reserve System of Knowledge Banks project to this end.

Wikimedia RU Non-Profit Partnership is conducting this contest using Russian Federation Presidential Grant for Civic Society Development provided by The Presidential Grants Foundation.

I. Contest objectives

  1. Developing open accessibility to knowledge and cultural assets in Russia.
  2. Increasing number of openly accessible works.
  3. Setting up the system of ongoing enrichment of open resources by works in library collections.
  4. Providing access to works even if they are not accessible in original repository.
  5. Increasing Internet-users' interest towards electronic resources available from the websites of Russia's libraries.

II. Contest timeframes

  1. Contest works are accepted beginning from the 25th of December 2017 through the 30th of June 2018 (Moscow time zone).
  2. Contest results are published by the 1st of August 2018.
  3. Winners are to join FRS and provide their contact details no later than 15th of August 2018.
  4. Winners are awarded no later than 31st of August 2018 .

III. Participation

The contest is open for libraries registered as legal entities in the Russian Federation or structural units thereof.

IV. Nominations

The contest is organized in three nominations, differing by the uploading locations. Libraries have the right to take part in any number of nominations simultaneously.

Nomination 1. «Wikimedia Commons»

This nomination is for old books, newspapers or magazines uploaded into Wikimedia Commons.

  1. Books, newspapers and magazines must have been publised in the Russian Empire before 1917 года. Other publications are not covered by the Contest.
  2. Uploaded materials must be electronic copies of works from the collection of respective library.
  3. Format to be used is PDF (PDF/A is recommended) with minimal resolution of 300 dpi. Other formats are not acceptable. Files must be neither code-protected, nor have copying protection. It is desirable to have textual sub-layer, have matching numeration of PDF-file pages with those in the original document, no water marks. File size should not exceed 100 Mb. PDF-file names should describe the content therein.
  4. Files, deleted from Wikimedia Commons for project policy violations do not count towards Contest results.
  5. Nomination winners are identified by the jury based on the number of uploaded open access publications, their size, uniqueness, PDF-file quality.
  6. Uploading is done through here. To perform the task, one must have a registered Wikimedia Commons Username. See Step-by-step Guide. If your library is not yet included into the Uploading Form's list, please email us to, we will add it and you will be able to take part in the contest.

Номинация 2. «Federal Reserve System of Knowledge Databanks»

Federal Reserve System of Knowledge Banks (hereinafter FRS) is a project initiated by a number of non-profit organizations to provide storage of and open access to scientific, literary and artistic works.

To take part in this nomination, the library must become FRS participating member, which, among other things (see details at FRS website), means it must:

  1. Register at FRS website.
  2. Upload free materials in its collection into FRS website in PDF format.

The winner in this nomination is identified by the number of works uploaded into FRS.

Nomination 3. «Open Access»

Libraries are also able to upload contest materials on the resources they own (e-libraries). E-libraries are assessed by the jury. Best e-library in the opinion of the jury is recognized as the winner of the nomination.

  1. Criteria for assessing E-Libraries:
    • Accessibility. Books in Public Domain (Civil Code of Russia Art.1282), those not covered by Copyright (CCR Art.1259 p.6) or circulating under free licenses (CCR Art.1286.1) must be in Open Access. No limits for data downloading.
    • E-Catalogue. Total number of books in Open Access. E-Library has a catalogue. Catalogue accessibility in machine-readable format (RUSMARC, JSON, XML etc.).
    • Search and Sort. Search function. API to query from external systems. Context search through the text of all books at once. Extended search through bibliographic description fields (author, title, year of publication etc.). Search understands Russian morphology. Search understands Old Russian orthography. Search results are sortable by author, year of publication etc.
    • Bibliographic descriptions. Bibliographic descriptions are available. Bibliographic description are full. Bibliographic descriptions are machine-readable (RUSMARC, JSON, XML etc.).
    • File quality. Scanning quality. No watermarks. Availability of textual sub-layer. Multi-page file pagination matching that of the original publication. Files are not code-protected. No DRM-protection. Ability to download whole book. Use of standard formats (ex. PDF, DJVU etc.).
    • Website convenience. No mandatory registration requirement. User-friendly interface. No need to install additional plugins to the browser (such as Flash, Silverlight etc.). No need to install additional software to work with E-Library. Website response speed. Website allows users to save or copy E-documents.
    • Content. Unique publications. Old publications. Rare publications
    • E-Library Software. Free software.
  2. To take part in the Contest, Library representative should fill in the webform.
  3. Overall participating library characteristics table will be prepared by the jury and openly published on the website of the Contest.

VI. Prize Pool

  1. The Prize Pool is 300 000 Rubles.
  2. Jury will identify a winner for each of the three nominations, which will receive 100 000 Rubles.
  3. If the nomination Winner will have not, by the preset date, joined FRS or provided necessary contact details for wiring the prize money, its award will go to the next best contestant in the nomination from among those that joined FRS and provided necessary data.


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