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This is NP «Wikimedia RU» Grants Program page. If you are interested in Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. grants, you should look at the dedicated Meta-Wiki section.

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NP «Wikimedia RU» can issue program grants to provide financial and administrative support to various research, organizational, partnership etc. program related to research and development of Wikimedia projects and other projects in the field of free culture, activities related to free licenses, as well as any kind of activities in line with statutory tasks of NP «Wikimedia RU».

When preparing an application, please refer to «Project Grants Provision» (in Russian) and Bylaws of NP «Wikimedia RU».

To file an application, set upits subpage using the following form: enter the title, for example Обеспечить мир во всём мире. If you did everything correctly, your application will appear in the Filed applications section below. See also: Sample application (in Russian).

Anyone can take part in the Application Review Discussion. Application Approval Resolution is made by the Program Grants Committee (elected by NP «Wikimedia RU» members): Kaganer, Vlsergey. The Resolution serves as a basis for Program Grant issuance by NP «Wikimedia RU» executive body. Director of the Partnership is present during Committee deliberations as an Observer, who does not express own position on the issues under discussion, only responding to direct questions of the Committee members.

Grant issuance procedure discussions, proposals and comments etc. are held in the talk page of this project.


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Filed applications

All filed applications, including those not yet being reviewed, can be found here.