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WikiSeminar is a thematic Wiki-meetup of Wikimedia project participants & other interested parties with a purpose of exchanging experience and discussing topical issues. «Wikimedia RU» NP helps in organizing such events. .

Seminar is a smaller format event than WikiConference. As a side event, seminar program might include one or more WikiTrips.

Anyone can propose a topic and a place to organize a WikiSeminar by informing community about this idea on this page and via Wikimedia-RU mailing list, and once event is planned & prepared - by announcing it at Wikimedia project forums.

Planned WikiSeminars


Passed WikiSeminars

Image Date & Details Topic Participants Commons link
1 24-26 April 2015, city of Ufa International conference in the framework of WikiSabantuy 2015 Registration page, ~? >700 photoes
2 6—9 May 2016, city of Petrozavodsk Finno-Ugric Wikiseminar 2016 Registration page, ~50 222 photoes
3 23—26 September 2016, city of Izhevsk Urals WikiSeminar 2016 Registration page, ~? 220 photoes

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