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Wiki Loves Monuments 2017[править]

Contest prizes: 10 three-day Moscow CityPass Travel Card passes
Contest prizes: 8 three-day St. Petersburg CityPass Travel Card passes

Wiki Loves Monuments 2017 started on the World Day of Peace & Knowledge Day at the backbone of Wikimedia Commons global media repository. Being world's largest photography contest, the project is inscribed into Guinness World Records for collecting over 1.4 million monument images within 8 years to benefit Wikipedia readers!

Large number of prizes, interesting Special Nominations (such as one from Wikivoyage global travel-guide), and hard work of organizers & participants fills this annual event with great excitement. This year Russia CityPass offers Moscow & St.Petersburg Travel Cards, Yandex Publishers is a partner supporting educational projects in the digital environment.

«Yandex Publishers», a partner of Wiki Loves Monuments 2017 in Russia

Second round of Wiki-Urals contest over[править]

Coat of Arms of Usolie (Perm krai).png Usolye, Usolsky District, Flag of Perm Krai.svg Perm Krai. Author – Alx0yago. First Round Winner in "«Wiki Loves Monuments» participants about Urals" nomination

Second round of Wiki-Urals multilingual writing contest dedicated to Urals region concluded on 1st July 2017. The contest was supported by Sverdlovsk Regional Tourism Development Center. Organizers: Wikimedia Russia, Moiseikin Jewellers and UMMC holding. This is the first experience of inter-linguistic collaboration that is now successfully used in other Wikimedia Russia organized contests. See Discover Russia. Start from Don. We are looking forward to organize Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs supported competition between Russian and Thai Wikipedias on the occasion of 120th anniversary of diplomatic relationships between Russia and Thailand.

"Ural Federal District week" Regional Edit-a-thon was organized in the Russian Wikipedia from June 19 through July 7. 16 active participants, 516 new articles & 111 new images are a new record of the 7th year of Eastern Studies week contest: articles about settlements of Flag of Sverdlovsk Oblast.svg Sverdlovsk & Flag of Kurgan Oblast.svg Kurgan Oblast, pictures of Coat of Arms of Salekhard (Yamal Nenetsia).png Salekhard, Coat of Arms of Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk oblast).svg Yekaterinburg and the region. Russian Wikipedia article about Coat of Arms of Kamensk-Uralsky (Sverdlovsk oblast).png Kamensk-Uralsky's historic Kamensky Zavod factory was actively worked on and received a good article status.

Wiki-Urals results to be announced will include Ural Federal District week, as well as Wiki Loves Earth 2017 Photo Contest results, the long-list of which include wonderful photoes of Urals (ex. №№ 5, 17, 45, 68, 75, 89, 108, 126, 129, 136, 142, 143, 146, 149, 152, 153, 160, 165, 168, 190, 197, 199, 201 and 206).

Wikimedia CEE Spring 2017 is officially over[править]

18 participants of the Russian Wikipedia section of the competition generated 1109 new articles. The first prize winner Andreykor (468 points for 362 new articles) will be travelling to Poland for CEE Meeting 2017 (22—25 SEPT 2017), as well as receiving encyclopedic literature set together with other awardees.

Discover Russia. Start with Don (Round 1)[править]

«Discover Russia. Start with Don»

First Round of "Discover Russia. Start with Don" Writing contest closed on 21 APR. Jury is now actively @ work.

The contest was dedicated to Rostov Oblast - one of the largest and most densely populated regions of the Southern Russia, celebrating in 2017 its 80th anniversery.

The contest turned international with 3202 new articles created in 10 languages, generated 2150 photoes being uploaded, some 600 articles enlarged.

Wiki-Award 2017[править]

WikiOrder WikiPrizes Wikimedia.svg Wiki-Award 2017 took place in Yandex's Moscow conference center on 23 APR 2017.

WikiUrals @ "Greater Urals — 2017"[править]

WikiUral Сompetition and events logo
Wiki-Urals Contest Presentation & Awarding Ceremony»

"Wiki-Urals" International Contest Winners Awarding Ceremony was held on April 7 at Yekaterinburg-EXPO Exhibit Center in the framework of 5th International Tourism Forum «Greater Urals — 2017», organized by Sverdlovsk Regional Tourism Development Center. The event was attended by participants from 13 regions of Russia and 11 foreign countries. Award recipients joined Yekaterinburg Wiki-tour held later on the same day.

Urals contest was co-organized by Викимедиа РУ, Moiseikin Jewellers and UMMC holding, first round was sponsored by VEK elevators engineering company. Second round would continue through July 1st, 2017.

Zvenigorod Observatory Wiki-tour[править]

Zvenogorod Observatory Wikitrip Logo.svg Wiki-tour to «Zvenigorod Observatory» took place on 1st of April, 2017.

Wiki-Conference 2016[править]

2016 Wikimedia Russia conference participants, St.Petersburg, 1 Oct 2016.

Wiki-Conference 2016 — 10th Annual International Forum dedicated to developing Wikimedia projects in the languages of Russia, as well as issues around free knowledge creation and dissemination - has taken place on October 1st & 2nd, year 2016. Serving as a scientific conference and a meeting of the like-minded, the annual Wiki-Conference brings together participants of various Wikimedia projects to deliver reports and make presentations about the ongoing and completed projects, exchange opinions and network. Wiki-Conference participants discuss a diversity of issues ranging from free and opensource software to initiatives of free dissemination of knowledge and Wiki-Projects in the Russian Federation and around the World.

The Conference has taken place at Saint Peterburg's ITMO University buildings on Birzhevaya liniya street. See Conference outcomes and participants' feedback.

Muscovites meeting with Jimmy Wales[править]

Jimmy Wales surrounded by the Wikipedians

On September 14th, 2016 Jimmy (Jimbo) Wales, the founder of Wikipedia and Wikimedia Foundation, met with Muscovites at «Extropolis» conference center and responded their questions.

The event was organized by NP «Wikimedia RU» and «Yandex» company. The meeting was moderated by Russian journalist and public activist Ivan Zasursky. Jimbo was accompanied and supported by NP «Wikimedia RU» directors Vladimir Medeyko and Stanislav Kozlovsky.

The program consisted of three parts — first Jimbo delivered a public lecture, then answered questions, followed by informal interaction, during which all participants had a possibility to ask questions personally and have a photo with Wikimedia Movement legend.

Questions were preliminarily collected at the Russian Wikipedia forum, but could also be asked live from the audience or sent via the Internet.

2015 European Science Photo Competition[править]

2015 Science Photo Competition
State Corporation for Space Activities "Roscosmos" — General Partner

Just speaking about science is not enough, science must be illustrated. This mandates a need for a specialized scientific photography and illustration competition, and the first one will be taking place in November and December 2015 among 39 European countries (active and passive participation). On November 15 the competition was further joined by Nazarbayev University, representing Kazakhstan scientific community.

This competition will be useful for Wikipedia, because Wikipedia is an active environment dedicated to gathering and exchanging educational content free for all. Thus it is a wonderful platform for presenting scientific photos. Open access, interest in such information on the part of the community and users of Wikipedia and overall reliability are among many characteristics of the free encyclopedia that make it an attractive space for the promotion of science in general and scientific photography in particular.

Wikipedia is one of the leading knowledge sharing projects, whilst scientific illustrations are rich in information; thus, such a collaboration is a win-win situation for both the wiki-community and the scientific photographers. Science Photo Competition motivates parties to develop permanent sustainable relations with one another.

European Science Photo Competition consists of two stages: Russian-language part of the competition will be held from November 1st until December 31st of 2015, then local organizers will be sending local winners' photoes into the international finals, end results of which will be drawn by the end of January 2016.

Competition rules:

  • Russian part of the scientific photography and visualization competition takes place in November and December 2015;
  • Only own images (or done with co-authors, which must be indicated) are allowed for uploading. Uploading someone else's work is forbidden!
  • All images must contain good and detailed description in Russian language. This is important, as to the great degree the image becomes scientific thanks to its description!!! (Example) and be appropriate for use in Wikipedia articles;
  • Images must be uploaded under a free CC-BY-SA license;
  • Images are being uploaded in line with one of the following five categories (nominations): People in Science, Microscopy images, Non-photographic media, Image sets and General category.

Russian part of the competition is being supported by well-known popular science publication and portals:

Scientific supervision of the competition:

The competition is joined by «Бесконечная наука» Open Scientific Photography Competition and «Университетская фотография» University Scientific Competition taking place in the framework of the 5th All-Russian Science Festival of Science in Krasnoyarsk Krai. As a result of these joint efforts, authors are to upload all competition images personally into Wikimedia Commons following a prepared form (in Russian), with description in two languages with a mention of the Wikipedia article where the work can be published. If there is no article on your topic neither in English, nor in Russian language versions, you are invited to create an article by yourself in line with Wikipedia policy (in Russian).

Winners will be receiving various valuable prizes at the official awarding ceremony. See details in the press release and the news of the competition (in Russian).

Unfortunately, previous publications are only available in Russian. We are always looking for volunteer interpreters