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Using possibilities of Wikimedia projects for
supporting regional development of the Russian Federation
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"Imagine a world in which all humans see clear benefits in sharing their knowledge with others. That's my commitment!"

Farhad Fatkullin
2018 Wikimedian of the Year

Russia's problem is not about democracy or lack thereof, but rather with low level of public engagedness in the social sphere, which is important for people to learn being responsible citizens and the rights that come with it. People simply didn't have the chance to take part in actually running the country. The apperance of [Wiki-]Community will actually provide them with such an opportunity.[1]

— Matvej Malyj
investment consultant (2010)

This page is about «Smart region» project dedicated to using possibilities offered by the wiki-environment to actively engage all social strata of the Information society into contributing towards various aspects of regional development.

Wikimedia projects are dedicated to effective use of the most precious limited resources humans have - time and attention ― towards collective generation of the public good known as "publicly accessible free knowledge".

«Smart region» initiative is meant to showcase how promoting and supporting volunteer participation in public good generation projects serves goals of regional development.

The project is directed at engaging currently unused opportunities for:

The intention is to:

  • To familiarize children and youth, adults and, particularly older generation (seniors) with opportunities offered by multilingual wiki-environment.
  • To engage citizens into participation in global volunteering Wikimedia movement that supports lifelong learning and is directed at developing freely accessible informational resources.
  • To invite regional partners to conduct regular expert assessment of up-to-date state of basic reference information in the area of their professional expertise to promote creation and on-going support of informational volunteering efforts in the field.

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  1. Matvey Malyj / How and Why Russia Needs Wiki-Community / Novaya Gazeta, № 126 of 10 November 2010
    Original Russian: "Проблема в России не с демократией или ее отсутствием, а с низким уровнем социальной активности народа, в ходе которой народ обучался бы гражданственности и осознавал свои права. У народа просто не было возможности в конструктивной форме участвовать в управлении страной. С появлением [Вики-]Сообщества такая возможность появится".