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Wikimedia Conference Russia 2018
                     Saint Petersburg, 22—23 September 2018

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Russian version of the program as of the 20.09.2018 is also available in PDF — for print in А4 size.

Day one (Saturday, 22 September 2018)[править]

Start Finish «Leonardo» hall «Rafael» hall
Sat 10:30 11:00 Registration
11:00 11:15 Conference opening. Moderator: Paul Kaganer, «Wikimedia RU»

Welcoming address: Vladimir Medeyko, «Wikimedia RU» director

11:15 12:50 Plenary presentations. Moderator: Paul Kaganer, «Wikimedia RU»
Смотреть «Open Library» project (Dmitry Rozhkov, «Wikimedia RU»)
Смотреть On-site «Edit-a-thons» for junior Wiki-editors: after action review (Dmitry Zhukov, «Wikimedia RU»)
Смотреть Презентация On-wiki edit-a-thons and contests in the Russian Wikipedia: view from the outside and partly inside (personal experience) (Юлия 70)
- [didn't happen] Russian Wikipedia Community issues, mid-term ruWP community development strategies (Abiyoyo)
Смотреть Презентация Introductory online Wiki-MOOCs (based on Arabic Wikipedia experience) (Reda Kerbouche)
12:50 13:00 Group photo of the conference participants
13:00 13:20 Coffee break
13:20 14:10 Plenary presentations (continued). Moderator: Paul Kaganer, «Wikimedia RU»

Смотреть Cooperation of the Russian Wikipedia and «Direkt-Akademia» webinar project (Paul Kalinnikov)
Смотреть Презентация VepKar project materials in Wikipedia: how YouTube helps producing multilingual subtitles for Commons (Andrej Krizhanovskij)
Round-table: «Engaging Youth». Moderator: Timerkhan Shaikhutdinov
Смотреть Brainstorming around round-table discussion ideas
14:10 15:00 Declaring Wiki-Award 2018 laureates and «Free Knowledge 2018» award recepients). Moderator: Dmitry Rozhkov, «Wikimedia RU»
15:00 16:00 Break
16:00 17:35 Plenary presentations (continued). Moderator: Dmitry Rozhkov, «Wikimedia RU»
Смотреть Local e-encyclopedias dedicated to graduates of Russia's universities (Nikolaj I. Krotov, head of ANO «Ekonomicheskaja letopis'»)
Смотреть Russia's legal norms on open licenses and their comparison with Сreative Сommons license provisions (Участница:Elo4kam)
Смотреть «Selet WikiSchool» Project: Intermediate Results (Timerkhan Shaikhutdinov)
Смотреть European project FREYA (permanent content and data identifiers) (Irina Radchenko)
Round-table «Wikimedia projects and Russia's museums: Cooperation possible?». Moderator: Paul Kaganer, «Wikimedia RU»

Day two (Sunday, 23rd of September 2018)[править]

Начало Окончание Зал «Рафаэль» Зал «Аристотель»
Sun 10:30 11:00 Participants' gathering
11:00 12:30 Plenary presentations. Moderator: Paul Kaganer, «Wikimedia RU»

Смотреть Website access blockings in Russia: Current situation and possible developments (Phillip Kulin)
Смотреть Презентация Lingua Libre project and its statistics (Reda Kerbouche)
Смотреть Презентация Kill ORES not keep: thoughts on Wikiversity (Andrej Krizhanovskij)
Смотреть Using free software and hardware based technologies to modernize education system (Paul A. Frolov, Producer of GNU/Linuxcenter, Linux Format, ROBBO)
12:30 13:00 Break
13:00 14:30 Plenary presentations (continued). Moderator: Paul Kaganer, «Wikimedia RU»

Смотреть What motivates editor, contributing to articles in Category:Science of ruWP (Anna Birjukova)
- [didn't happen] Articles about cultural heritage sights. Doubling in less then a year. Importance. Possible cooperation with WLM. Proposals (Chath)
Смотреть [in place of above] Cultural heritage sights and articles about them as an example of relationships between various Wikimedia projects (Ekaterina Borisova)
Смотреть Wikimania-2018 and MassMedia: Local Wikipedians' participation in an international conference as a way to promote the free encyclopedia (Alina Vozna)
Смотреть Wikimania-2018 — Report of Russia's Wikimedians on participation in the main Wiki-Conference of the planet (Oleg Abarnikov, Wikimedia RU)
14:30 15:00 Conference closure