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Languages: русский · English · татарча / tatarça
Logo of Selet WikiSchool
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Fall-2019  • Summer-2019  • Spring 2019  • Fall 2018  • Spring 2018  • 2016-2017 school year

...Inspiring hearts of those around,
Keep striving for the highest highs,
Look for what's right, here & always
For you and others set the mark...

Selet hymn

Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.
That's our commitment.

'Vision of Wikimedia Foundation projects'

Offline meetings[править]

Principle site for offline wiki-meetings in the framework of this project is Selet House (23 Ostrovsky street in Vakhitovsky district of Kazan). Usually on Saturdays, between 14:30-15:30 MSK (UTC+3).

Tools every participant should have:

  1. Laptop with installed Tatar Keyboard layout (can be provided by Selet's IT center), or (at least) a tablet-computer or smartphone
  2. Wi-Fi or Mobile Internet access (hot-spot can be organized by the instructor)
  3. Registered Wikimedia Account (About)
  4. @ external events:
    • Wiki-tours or expeditions — quality camera, minimally smartphone
    • Wiki-Seminar or conferences — presentation based on your experience (in Russian when in the Russian Federation, in English when outside)

Key Program Elements[править]

Әнә килә автомабиль,төягәннәр сарымсак
Үзебез дә гырамотный — тулы программаны укып чыгарбыз, теләсәк...

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Introducing Selet participants to the following environments:

What's in it for Selet youth?[править]

About the project[править]

This applied education project is a cooperation between Tatar-language Wiki-participants of Wikimedia movement & Selet Foundation team. It started upon invitation of Selet founder Prof. Dr. Dzhavdet Suleymanov.[1]

Guidelines & Instruction materials[править]

Guidelines can be found through Wikipedia:Help. Not enough? Come ask @ Questions forum.

Special events[править]

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