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Smart Region.RU
Using possibilities of Wikimedia projects for
supporting regional development of the Russian Federation

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This page is about the roadmap for the project implementation. Documents here are to describe tested sequence of steps for implementing the project in each of the dimensions.

Common tasks[править]

  1. To identify necessary human, organizational and other resources needed for implementation of the plan.
  2. To identify organizational structure of the project team (responsible for coordination of participants' efforts and be responsible for project performance) acceptable to all stakeholders.

By social institution type[править]

By topic[править]

  1. Cultural heritage: Steps.
  2. Youth engagement: Steps.
  3. Education: Steps.
  4. Regional awareness: Steps.
  5. Developing legislation: Steps.
  6. Regional multilingualism: Steps.
  7. Advanced technologies: Steps.

By Wikimedia project[править]

  1. Wikiversity: Steps.
  2. Wikivoyage: Steps.
  3. Wikidata: Steps.
  4. Wikinews: Steps.
  5. Wikipedia: Steps.
  6. Wikimedia Commons: Steps.
  7. Wiktionary: Steps.
  8. Wikisource: Steps.
  9. Wikibooks: Steps.
  10. Wikiquote: Steps.

By age group[править]

See also[править]