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Smart region.Republic of Tatarstan WikimediaRU-logo white.svg
Using possibilities of Wikimedia projects for
supporting regional development of the Republic of Tatarstan

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This page is dedicated to work on implementing "Smart region" project in the Republic of Tatarstan.


  • Project idea was formulated in October 2017.
  • It gained attention of the Republic of Tatarstan leadership in July-August 2018.
  • Since October 2018 it started transforming into a Russia-wide project with a pilot in Tatarstan

Outreach & Awareness[править]

  • Tatarstan leadership
  • Tatarstan organizations
  • Tatarstan youth
  • Mass media
  • Social networks

Dimensions & Measures[править]

  • By age groups
  • By topics
  • By Wikimedia project

Structure, Information, Partners, Wiki-Lists, Statistics[править]

  • Structure
  • Sources of information
  • Partners
  • Wiki-Lists
  • Statistics

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