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Using possibilities of Wikimedia projects for
supporting regional development of the Russian Federation
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"Of the approximately 7,000 languages spoken today ... less than 5% ... can still ascend to the digital realm. ... To summarize a key result of this study in advance: No wikipedia, no ascent."[1]

— András Kornai

This is the place for collecting links to pages on implementation of the project of using Wiki-opportunities for providing longterm future of Tatar language.

Who and how[править]

On Wikimedia projects[править]

As of today Tatar language is already present in the following spaces on Wikimedia projects:

Name in English Name in Tatar Wiki-address Development plan Community Portal Village pump
Wikivoyage Викисәфәр incubator:Wy/tt Strategy
Wikinews Викихәбәрләр n:Алгы бит / incubator:Wn/tt Strategy
Wikipedia Википедия w:tt Strategy (in Tatar) w:tt:Википедия:Җәмгыять үзәге w:tt:ВП:Форум
Wiktionary Викисүзлек wikt:tt: Strategy w:tt:Викисүзлек:Җәмгыять үзәге
Wikisource Викиханә oldwikisource:Main_Page/Татарча Strategy
Wikibooks Викикитап b:tt: Strategy b:tt:Бәхәс:Баш бит
Wikiquote Викиөзек q:tt: / incubator:Wq/tt Strategy
Meta-Wiki Мета-Вики m:Main_Page/tt/m:Category:Categories/tt Strategy
Wikidata Викимәгълүмат d:Category:Wikidata-tt Strategy
Wikimedia Commons Викиҗыентык c:Category:Commons-tt Strategy
Wikimedia Russia Викимедиа Россия wmru:tt / wmru:Категория:Всё/tt Strategy (in Russian)

Specific initiatives on using Tatar Wikimedia projects' spaces[править]

Individuals' contribution[править]

See also[править]

  1. Digital Language Death by András Kornai