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Using possibilities of Wikimedia projects for
supporting regional development of the Russian Federation

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This page is dedicated to using Tatar language Wiki-environment for Education purposes.

General references


Possible use by Wikimedia projects



  • Writing Tatar language guides for tourists, visiting various settlements, places, countries


  • Tatarization of labels for surrounding world phenomena (for use by humans and AI systems)
    • Using query generating a list of entries without labels in Tatar:
      1. Press in the window that opens after opening this link
      2. Open Wikidata elements without Tatar label by clicking links in the left column
      3. In the element page, "Language labels" are in the very first block - open it for editing by clicking [edit] link on top right of it
        • should Interface language in your user account settings be different, you might see the link in Russian as [править], Tatar as [үзгәртү] or else
      4. Enter Tatar text into the row marked [татарча/tatarça]
      5. Save your edit by pressing [записать]/[publish] (on top right of the block, same place where you pressed [edit]/[править] before)
  • Filling in information about the phenomena and adding supporting sources
    • Statements
    • Identifiers
  • Creating machine-readable elements about objects and phenomena in Tatar Universe
  • Linking pages from Wikimedia projects in Tatar to respective elements


  • Writing bilingual Tatar-Russian news under free license


  • Description of internalized thematic knowledge in encyclopedic writing, referencing it with links to reliable sources
  • Translation of articles into Tatar
  • Reading and correcting or supplementing existing content

Wikimedia Commons

  • Finding thematic multimedia under free license
  • Translating their description into Tatar
  • Uploading one's own multimedia into thematic folders


  • Tasks on marking gender and filling in declension of nouns
  • Tasks on marking aspects and conjugation of verbs
  • Tasks related to adjectives and other parts of speech




  • Doing projects in the form of generating reference materials, educational aids or instructions
  • Describing internalized thematic knowledge in Wikijunior (for 0-12 y.o.)


  • Collecting quotes in Tatar by authors, topics and other categories.
  • Taking part in various edit-a-thons (example)

Interested parties


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