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Smart Region.RU
Using possibilities of Wikimedia projects for
supporting regional development of the Russian Federation

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Participants of a Wiki-seminar, organized by Bashkortostan Wiki-volunteers in Starosubkhangulovo of Burzyansky District on Jan.28, 2017.

«Smart Region» project roadmap for «Third age (Senior Citizens)» dimension.

Senior Citizens are:

  • capable to influence social development by sharing own knowledge, as they have accumulated wealth of diverse experience, have time-tested wide outlook and decision-making within informational environment,
  • BUT might NOT
    • be aware of modern trends in technological development.
    • have navigation skills within modern Internet environment.
    • have technical skills to influence global Internet society.


The richest experience in running Wiki-clubs for Senior Citizens — in Checz Republic!
  1. Introductory lectures on possibilities offered by Wikimedia projects:
  2. Regular offline Wiki-club, where one can develop respective skills in practice (under guidance).
  3. Help Hotline in local language on some Messenger or Social Media of choice where one can send questions and receive guidance relatively quickly.

« I particularly love the example of Bashkir grandmas — a group of older women, mostly from rural areas, in the Bashkortostan region of Russia — since 2016 they have been translating articles from Russian to Bashkir (using ContentTranslation), making Bashkir in the top 20 in the number of published translations. So give it up to the grandmas! (applause).[1]

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  1. Closing Ceremony of Wikimania-2019 in Stockholm University