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Introduction to Wikimedia projects and their place in Education
using examples from Tatar language and Tatar literature subjects in secondary school.
Abdulla Khamidullin and Ilgiz Khalikov discussing the structure and contents of this document.(2.08.2019)
Introductory Tatar language presentation on "Wiki in Education" (PDF, w.wiki/8bh) or for here w.wiki/8kc
Main page of Russian Wikinews showing news-format article on public presentation of this document.(19/21.09.2019)
English version of Wikimedia Education presentation by WUG TAT

This text is created in the framework of Tatarstan Wiki in Education Initiative.

Step 1. General introduction to «Wikipedia» website


Wiki-interface. Type https://tt.wikipedia.org/ to go to Main Page (Баш бит) of Wikipedia in Tatar.

Note showcased Featured («Сайланган мәкалә») and Good («Яхшы мәкалә») articles. The quality status is given by community decision.

Press «Бөтен порталлар» (All Portals) link in the hat, to see the following in Tatar culture section:

  • «Татар әдәбияты» (Tatar Literature)
  • «Татар теле» (Tatar language)
  • «Татар матбугаты» (Tatar press)
  • «Габдулла Тукай» (Gabdulla Tuqai).

Step 2. Introduction to other Tatar language Wikimedia Wiki-projects.

  • «Викисүзлек» (Wiktionary)
  • «Викикитап» (Wikibooks)
  • «Викиханә» (Wikisource)
  • «Викихәбәрләр» (Wikinews)
  • «Викиөзек» (Wikiquote)
  • «Викисәфәр» (Wikivoyage)
  • etc.

FAQs about Wikimedia projects: W-pedia  • W-Commons  • W-data  • W-tionary  • W-quote  • W-source  • W-books  • W-news  • W-voyage  • W-versity

Step 3. Modes of using Wikimedia projects.

  • User mode (reading, listening and viewing media files, limited editing - as IP);
  • Editor mode (editing wider spectrum of existing & creating new pages, etc.).

Note that uploaded material will be checked by community members for copyright infringement & proper attribution.

To work in Editor mode one needs to register a Username.

Step 4. Registering a Username.


Users are invited to follow «Яңа кулланучыны теркәү» (Create account) link and fill in the following fields:

  • «кулланучы исеме» (Username);
  • «сер сүз» (Password);
  • «электрон почта» (Email).

Note: Email is not mandatory, but convenient.

Step 5. Making Edits into existing articles or creating new ones (on examples from Tatar Wikipedia).

  1. Choosing future article topic, say «Такмаклар» (Chastushka folk songs).
  2. Entering the keyword into Wikipedia search window. If article is not yet there, you'll be offered to create it (by clicking the red link).
  3. Creating new article. When creating new article from scratch, you see an empty field for entering text (similar to text editing software like Word).

When creating an article, one can use search function to look up definition in the dictionary or translating between languages. In this case the topic of «Такмаклар» (Chastushka folk songs) stands for «Частушки» in Russian. The author thus can, for example, dedicate a segment to a comparative analysis of two terms.

When formatting the article, it's text should be linked to Wikimedia portal resources (on Wikipedia or other Wikimedia projects — internal/interwiki links) or external Internet resources внешние (external links), which have content of possible value to the reader of the article. When developing materials, showing references and used sources is a must (verifiability). Other things being equal, sources independent from the topic in question and under free license, webportals of respected organizations, ISBN-numbered materials, and other similarly (reliable sources) are to be given priority.

Note: Wikimedia project users can ask questions at respective article's Talk page («Бәхәс») or at one of thematic forums.

Step 6. Preview & Save functions

  • Press «Алдан карау» (Preview) to see the appearance of the page before saving.
  • If the article is ready & formatted, press «Бит ясау» (Publish page). Your first article is ready.

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