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4th century BC Issyk inscription is a likely predecessor of the Old Turkic script
塔塔兒 / 大檀 / 檀檀 - / - ᠲᠠᠲᠠᠷ - تا تار - TATAR - ТАТАР

— Variants in Chinese, Orkhon-Yenisey, Middle Mongol, Arabic, Latin and Cyrillic scripts

Coat of Arms of Tatarstan
Coat of Arms of Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
Coat of Arms of Kazan Governorate
Flag of Kazan Khanate
Flag of the Golden Horde
Coat of Arms of Tartaria

«Social Worlds of Tatar Habitats» (тат. Татарлар яшәгән җирләренең иҗтимагый төзелеше, рус. Общественное устройство ареала обитания татар) is an annual Contest on creation and/or improvement of encyclopedic articles in Tatar Wikipedia on the topic of contemporary and historic social, government and community entities and related phenomena in the parts of the planet Earth that can be called Tatar Habitats or Lands. The event is organized by Tatar Wikimedians, Wikimedia Russia, other partners and stakeholders, came about on the initiative of Selet WikiSchool team.

Tatar Habitats or Lands


Disclaimer: Such intra-human concepts as property, possession, disposal and other rights and freedoms only mean something based on social agreement — thus are temporary in character and only matter to the degree they are an efficient social management tools. Individual humans, their groups or humankind at large have to respect rights and freedoms of all ecosystem players they affect in various parts of the Earth and other celestial bodies.

For the purposes of the contest, Tatar Habitats or Lands are areas which are or have/had been the hosts for various Tatar community, state and municipal, national, ethnic or cultural Tatar entities:

  • Start: 1st of August?
  • End: 30th of September?
  • Awarding winners: Together with Jewels of Knowledge?

Qualifying content


Matches the topic and meets contest participation requirements:

  1. describes contemporary, past or expected realities of the social, governmental, municipal or community entities of Tatar Lands, and related phenomena (branches, positions, organizations, individuals, subdivision, important documents, relations, events)
  2. created and/or improved during the contest time window
  3. editor adds material meeting or exceeding the minimum accounting threashold (3000 bytes)
  4. article Talk Page is marked by the properly filled contest categorization Template

Nominations and sub-nominations


The contest may be held in the following nominations:

  • new articles
  • improved articles

Each nomination can have two sub-nominations:

  • experienced users (x>6 months)
  • new users (x<6 months)


  • Translate, create new and/or improve existing content
  • Mark own contribution by placing a dedicated sorting template on the edited articles' talk pages


  • Set contest framework and regulations
  • Establish necessary work spaces and tools for the project
  • Describe Jury operation guidelines
  • Identify incentives for the finalists and organize awarding
  1. Put all participants' contribution into Fountain pre-qualification tool.
  2. Summarizes overall and qualifying contribution of contest participants in the Contest Judging Table.
  3. Marks the Finalists – participants that met minimum qualifying articles threshold.
  4. Evaluates contributions of Finalists (3), sums up their points and publishes the Contest Results Table.

Contest by years


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