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Smart Tatarstan.Kazan
Using possibilities of Wikimedia projects for
supporting regional development of Tatarstan's urban district of Kazan

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In global engagement and impact ratings, City's kzn.ru portal is today 160,008th (Alexa Internet) and 223,807th (SimilarWeb) . Materials in Wikipedia.org and other Wikimedia projects have a greater significance for search engines, AI and citizens of the planet.

Farhad Fatkullin

Maximum use of opportunities offered by Wikimedia projects is an important avenue for raising international awareness about investments, cultural, business, scientific and touristic attractiveness of Kazan.

Expected results

  • Kazan becomes as globally recognized as capitals of any other country of the world.
  • Any citizen of the planet has an easy reach to the cultural and educational, business and social realities of the city.
  • Regional multilingualism stops being a phenomena relying on permanent state support, turning into a self-sustainable profit center.
  • Students, residents and those otherwise having links to the region start feeling higher engagement with and participation in shaping the destiny of the city.

Required work

  1. Structuring the project.
  2. Formulating its implementation plan.
  3. Preparing a list of type of work, lists (maps), exemplary samples for various categories and pages for monitoring thematic stats.
  4. Organizing measures to incentivize Kazan-based and related wiki-activities

Measuring progress

  • Regular comparative reports on International Wiki-popularity of Kazan with that of other large Russian Federation and global cities.
  • Regular reports on project or sub-project participants' wiki-activities (example)
  • Regular reports on thematic lists.



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