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Smart region.Republic of Tatarstan
Using possibilities of Wikimedia projects for
supporting regional development of the Republic of Tatarstan

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This page describes cooperation with Tatarstan Investment Development Agency towards raising international awareness about the region and its investment potential, as well as specific projects under the agency's purview.

Topics for cooperation


TIDA is interested to provide every person on the planet with a chance to learn about what Tatarstan has to offer via:

Wikimedia projects provide a good opportunity to address this task in all actively used languages of the planet.

Collaboration Format


In the course of the first meeting and following correspondence[1] TIDA representatives expressed:

Ideal Outcome


The way this can be achieved


TIDA is interested in finding a contractor, capable to help it achieve the Ideal Outcome in a most effective manner. Such a contractor will need to use the following methods:

Rewarded contribution

  • Links to Wikimedia projects' Paid editing disclosure policies. Some language sections also have essays on paid contribution.
  • Reasonable for:
    1. preparing wiki-list of elements for creation and linked works, setting up stats monitoring pages.
    2. creating sample Wikidata elements, articles in Wikipedia and Wiki-voyage language sections, templates and other mandatory aspects for successful project implementation
    3. complex types of works, such as developing category trees in Wikimedia Commons, Wikipedia and Wikivoyage language sections (whenever appropriate).
    4. developing procedures for organizing and conducting Wiki-contests and edit-a-thons
    5. payment for works, ineffective or impossible for implementation by means of international wiki article contests and edit-a-thons
  • When organizing such a large scale project of international collaboration in paid editing,[3] requires

Wiki-contests and edit-a-thons

  • Require
    • preparation of word lists (examples in Russian, Tatar and multilingual Wikipedia tables 1, 2 and 3)
    • developing contest Rules and Terms
    • attracting qualified Jury
    • offering monetary or other Prizes, adequate to expected participant efforts
  • Might require complex coordination with international partners within Wikimedia movement (1, 2 and 3)
  • Effective and efficient for


  • How to use monitoring and analytics tools
  • Principles of productive participation in Wikimedia environment
  • Independent contribution within Wikimedia projects
    • updating Wikidata element data
    • uploading photo and media files into Wikimedia Commons categories,
    • adding and/or clarifying information in multilingual Wikipedia and Wikivoyage articles.

Project Management

  • Coordination with international Wikimedia stakeholders to avoid potential conflicts (at all stages of the project)
  • Identifying qualified subcontractors, preparation of project and working documentation, distribution of tasks (whenever appropriate)

Contractor qualifications


General contractor

  • Non-blocked/banned Wikimedia username with many years of active contribution into various Wikimedia projects in diversity of languages
  • Experienced in:
    • creating similar public wiki-materials, help pages and guidelines, templates, categories, monitoring pages and generating reports in Tatar, Russian and English
    • successful organization and participation in implementing comparable Russia-wide and International multilingual WikiProjects
    • international communications support of various Wiki-initiatives
    • analyzing and using mass media materials and other sources for referencing facts about objects in Tatarstan
  • Membership and active public participation in Russia's and international Wikimedia movement affiliates and groups
  • Personal presence in Kazan for conducting necessary presentations and practical workshops for TIDA, superior, line and subordinate organization staff, as well as partners.

Wiki-contest participants

  • Non-blocked/banned Wikimedia username
  • Experience of constructive participation in Wiki-community, good navigation in respective project and its language section policies
  • Ability to work with sources, independently create and properly format encyclopedic text
  • Wiki-Content translation work environment skills
  • Compliance with project-related instructions and contest rules

Work Breakdown

  • Create mulilingual WikiProject page
    • Description minimum in Tatar, Russian and English
    • List of pages for creation (examples 1, 2 and 3)
    • Page for easy collection of comparative stats on covered elements, categories and articles
    • Page with project-related instructions
      • mandatory requirements for project participants
      • templates for tagging created materials
      • categories for inclusion
      • list of sample materials for each of the covered Wikimedia projects
  • Create, fill and link Wikidata elements (labels minimum in Tatar, Russian and English)
  • Prepare sample articles in Tatar, English and Russian Wikipedia and organize further translation into other target languages.
  • Organize and conduct Wiki-article contest in the following nominations
    • Shoot and upload photo & multimedia material to related Wikimedia Commons categories
    • Create Wikipedia articles (in line with sample article structure).
    • Improve existing Wikipedia articles (in line with sample article structure).
    • Mention and otherwise link to the newly created or improved Wikipedia articles (in line with sample article examples).
    • Mention the phenomena in Wikivoyage articles dedicated to respective cities, districts or settlements and describe them in line with respective language section standards.


  1. Report on 19.03.2020 meeting outcomes (Russian)
  2. starting with target languages of the world used on TIDA website. Drop-down list in top right corner shows English, Russian, Tatar, German, French, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.
  3. Масштабные проекты с оплачиваемым участием и иным материальным вознаграждением

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