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This page contains tools for generating reports about editors in Tatar language versions of Wikimedia projects active in the course of the previous year.

Main space[править]

# Project Edit leaders Article creation leaders Content work leaders Kb Hours active leaders
1 Wikiversity list list list list
2 Wikivoyage list list list list
3 Wikinews list list list list
4 Wikipedia list list list list
5 Wiktionary list list list list
6 Wikisource list list list list
7 Wikibooks list list list list
8 Wikiquote list list list list

Incubator / Мultilingual[править]

Project Location Category Edits-30 Catanalysis
Wikivoyage Incubator Category 500/30 Catanalysis
Wikinews Incubator Category 500/30 Catanalysis
Wikinews Multilingual Category Catanalysis
Wikisource Multilingual Category Catanalysis
Викицитатник Incubator Category 500/30 Catanalysis
Meta-Wiki Multilingual Category Catanalysis
Wikidata Multilingual Category Catanalysis
Wikimedia Commons Multilingual Category Catanalysis
Wikimedia Russia Multilingual Category Catanalysis

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