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Potential local symbol of partner-sponsored wiki-contest
Wikipedia is first and foremost an effort to create and distribute a free encyclopedia of the highest possible quality to every single person on the planet in their own language

Jimmy Wales, founder

«Partner-organized contests» (тат. Партнёрлар оештырган бәйгеләр, рус. Конкурсы партнёров) — Wiki-article creation and improvement contests, independently initiated and conducted in Tatar Wikipedia by all external Wikimedia partners and stakeholders. Organized in line with the provisions below.

Initiated by Wikimedia Community of Tatar language User Group in the framework of wiki-collaboration with Tatmedia regional media holding (Republic of Tatarstan).

General Provisions

  1. Wikimedia vision and free licensing used are a basis for including whole of humanity into Wikimedia stakeholders, thus the project is open for positive contribution of all interested in growing public access to knowledge.
  2. Partner-organized contests within Tatar Wikipedia are implemented in line with Tatar Wikipedia contest organization contests (text in Russian) and other local policies, Wikimedia principles and global policies.
  3. The article-drive theme, its length, offered prizes, rules and conditions are identified by the initiating partner jointly with any Tatar Wikipedia representative, qualified to organize contests (see p.2)
  4. Methodology for article acceptance, recognizing contribution, public transparency of assessment, publishing results and awarding finalists/winners is developed and approved jointly by responsible wiki-volunteer contact and a representative of the contest initiating partner.


  • Contact representative of the Wiki-community is responsible for:
    • consulting contest-initiating partner's rep on all matters of running the article-drive successfully,
    • setting up a Tatar Wikipedia landing page in the format [[Wikipedia:Contests/Partner-initiated/Marathon_title]] (тат. Википедия:Бәйгеләр/Партнёрларныкы/Марафон исеме)
    • creating categorizing templates with contest logo and those of the principle and all supporting partners, and links to Wiki-articles
      • Wiki-marathon article (example, for article talkpage) and
      • Wiki-marathon participant userbox (example)
    • placing contest information and links to the landing page into respective segment of Wikipedia:Contests (тат. Википедия:Бәйгеләр).
  • Partner-initiated contest landing page
    • is included into [[Category:Wikipedia competitions:Partner-initiated]] (тат. Төркем:Википедия:Бәйгеләр:Партёрларныкы).
    • marked by a standard symbol for partner-sponsored prized wiki-contest (local, interlanguage or international)
    • includes, on top of the standard content:
      • logo and a link to the wiki-article about the initiating partner and/or its superior entity (if non-existent, a direct link to «About» section on the official website is acceptable),
      • Wikimedia user account of the responsible representative of the contest-initiating partner
      • Wikimedia user account of the contact Tatar Wikipedia community representative
  • Contact Wiki-volunteer and all other Tatar Wikipedia participants may chose to help the partner representative with contest participant inclusion, recognition, article pre-assessment per criteria, evaluation and overall stats collection.

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