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Smart region.Republic of Tatarstan
Using possibilities of Wikimedia projects for
supporting regional development of the Republic of Tatarstan

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The issue [of enlightement] is not limited to the language itself alone. It's important to take care about the scientific foundations and knowledge of our people, because it's indeed those that will pave our way forward.[1]

Ismail Gaspirali

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«International integration of Tatar world»

Welcome to the technical page of the Wikimedia Education project with Kazan Federal University Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication Gabdulla Tukay Higher School of National Culture and Education.

Essence of the project


Tatarstan welcomes creation of encyclopedic content in the Wiki-space of Tatar Wikipedia. The project is meant to incentivise university professor lead teams of students towards researching and generating educational-value content on a wide spectrum of topics. Articles qualifying into the program should cover either valuable information about the frequent issues of contemporary daily life or respond to thematic questions about cultural and socio-economic realities of the region and various career paths.

Sponsoring Wikimedia stakeholders are willing to see money-earning staff of local academic & GLAM bodies, as well as their individual success-oriented students, postgrads or interns to prioritize contributing in a regional indigenous language over the dominant national or international language versions (both today and sustainably into the future). The project is being shaped in collaboration with Tatar Wikimedians User Group, interested members of Wikimedia Languages of Russia Community, Wikimedia Russia, Wikimedia Language Diversity and different other Wikimedia movement representatives from around the globe with a goal of having a successful outcome that can be scaled in other underrepresented language communities.

Draft lists by topics




Qualification criteria

  • Responsible Professor (Team Leader) sees the material when:
    1. TalkPage Project Template contains appropriate information (Base template will have Tatarstan Coat of Arms, Kazan Federal University's logo in Tatar & a link to the Project Page, with specific team project subpage, author and team leader Usernames to be included manually).
    2. Author registers the article within dedicated Fountain Article Assessment Tool.
  • Team Leader accepts the article if it contains all the parameters below:
    1. Project Article template (visually)
    2. Text begins with a short description, containing main facts and showing phenomenon notability (visually)
    3. Infobox on the Top left side of the article gives principle facts in table forma (visually)
    4. Key concepts of the text are Wiki-linked to (visually)
    5. Article contains Pictures or Multimedia (visually)
    6. Article is appropriately Categorized (visually)
    7. Article is integrated into Wikipedia text body (visually, linked to a Wikidata element, «What links here» tool returns non-empty list)
    8. Article contains text in reference work style (expert evaluation)
    9. Individual facts (especially important or controversial ones) are supported by Footnotes linking to where it's taken from in the sources (expert evaluation)
    10. Article contains a section with links to external Reliable sources, where people can find additional information or study the topic in more detail (expert evaluation)
  • Remuneration for a qualifying article is to be decided based on an accumulated Tatar Wiki Practice:
    • creating a qualifying article by means of translating an existing material from another language can't be evaluated at less than 50 rubles (USD 0.7) (My Tatarstan 2020, Tatar 4.0 - 2021).
    • creating an article on a topic not yet present in Wikipedia deserves a reward of no less than 150 rubles (USD 2) (My Tatarstan 2020, Tatar 4.0 - 2021).

Content creation mechanisms


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  1.  (кр.тат.) "Меселе тек тильде дегиль, иш, халкъымызгъа огге адымламагъа ёл ачкъан ильмий осюв ве халкънынъ бильги дереджесиндедир."